Practitioner Training

The Practitioner Training course is designed for people seeking a professional career as a certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer or Coach. (See seminar descriptions below.) These two career tracks are open to anyone with a background in the self-help disciplines who feels an impulse to develop his/her own consciousness and help others do the same. The only requirement is a deep dedication to EEG biofeedback meditation as a powerful tool for consciousness expansion. 


Seminars 1 and 2 are also open to self-trainers who want hands-on equipment and personalized meditation training for more rapid attainment of the Meditation, Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony brainwave patterns. Seminars 3 and 4, with their associated practicums, are open only to people pursuing coach or practitioner certification.


The coach/practitioner training program offers affordable entry to a unique, rewarding career that makes a positive difference in people's lives.  

Who trains to become a coach or practitioner?

People from all walks of life study with us to become certified awakened mind practitioners: meditators, body workers, scientists, psychologists, physicians, neurofeedback and biofeedback therapists, NLP practitioners, software developers, visual and performing artists, mind researchers, and, of course, consciousness explorers. 


People who intend to work only with private clients take Seminars 1-3 toward Awakened Mind Coach certification. People who wish to work with both private clients and groups certify through Seminars 1-4 as an Awakened Mind Practitioner.

What kind of background is necessary?

Most people have some background in the helping professions. The only prerequisite is a keen interest in the body, mind and spirit, and an understanding borne of experience that Awakened Mind meditation gets us in touch with our subconscious wisdom for life guidance and inner peace and healing.

Who developed the program?

The Practitioner Training Program was developed, used, and perfected over the course of a decade by Anna Wise, who was Max Cade's American protégée. Wise became the world authority on EEG Awakened Mind training.


The content of the Practitioner Training Program is based on the pioneering Cade-Wise mind research and more recent discoveries by Judith Pennington on consciousness and gamma waves. 


IAM has used this comprehensive, life-enhancing Coach/Practitioner Training Program to certify people from Australia, Canada, England, France, India, Israel, Poland, Russia, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and all across America. The Practitioner Training Manual, written by Judith Pennington, contains the most recent discoveries in the investigative fields of the brain, meditation and consciousness.


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Upcoming Training Seminars

Conducted by Judith Pennington

Contact Judith to join a group listed below or to schedule a seminar according to your needs.   Seminars 1 and 2 are also open to Self-Trainers. See "Awakened Mind Seminars and Certification Program" below for descriptions of Seminars 1-4. Seminars are structured as follows:

  • Seminars 1-3: Awakened Mind Coach Certification
  • Seminar 4: Awakened Mind Practitioner Certification including spiritual component and facilitation of group brainwave trainings.




conducted by:


Seminars 1 and 2

November 4-13

Bath, Pennsylvania

Judith Pennington




Seminars 3 and 4

Early December

Bath, Pennsylvania

Judith Pennington





Conducted by Andrea Groh

Contact Andrea to join or schedule a seminar tailored to your needs in German or English. Special components: Neurofeedback and the ClinicalQ, a mini-QEEG. Seminars are structured as follows:

  • Seminars 1-3: Awakened Mind Coach Certification
  • Seminar 4: Awakened Mind Practitioner Certification including spiritual component and group brainwave trainings.

See homepage for training dates in Germany

Conducted by Suzanne Tempel

Contact Suzanne to join or schedule a Coach training seminar tailored to your needs in English or Dutch. Read more about Suzanne.

  • Seminars 1-3: Awakened Mind Coach Certification

 See homepage for training dates in Holland.

Awakened Mind Certification Program

Each of the four 4.5-day seminars listed below includes brainwave theory, meditation structures, and Mind Mirror software usage interspersed with consciousness-developing meditations. This theoretical and experiential curriculum is designed to develop in each student the Awakened Mind brainwave pattern and the expertise needed to train others.


Important Note: Seminars 1 and 2 are open to people who wish to pursue Awakened Mind practitioner training as a professional career and  to self-trainers who want hands-on equipment and meditation training for more rapid attainment of the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind brainwave patterns. Seminars 3 and 4 are intended for professional Awakened Mind trainers only.

Upon request, seminars may be paired in order to reduce travel time and expenses. Please contact Judith Pennington or other practitioners offering training seminars to request their fees and training schedules.

The Mind Mirror 6 should be purchased and in hand prior to the student's participation in Seminar 1, as this training seminar is dedicated in part to the use and understanding of the hardware and software.


To learn more about the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, please visit the Mind Mirror page of this website. Subpages describe the cost and content of equipment kits designed for self-trainers and awakened mind practitioners.

Seminar Descriptions


Prerequisites: Familiarity with the brainwave principles, practices, and research presented in books and guided meditation recordings by C. Maxwell Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington. Please visit our Books, CDs & Videos page to obtain these.


Seminar 1:  Includes contextual history of the Awakened Mind and Mind Mirror; the five brainwave categories and their content; the Meditation, Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, Superconscious Gamma Synchrony, and Universal Consciousness brainwave patterns; use of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 EEG and Galvanic Skin Response and Blood Volume Pulse sensors; Mind Mirror software operation and data analysis; and hands-on practice with electrode placements. The trainee is monitored on the Mind Mirror during four or more meditations used in the Anna Wise Protocol and learns to analyze the data as the means to technical mastery, mind-expansion, and personal self-development.


Seminar 2:  Includes brainwave vocabulary and a deeper understanding of brainwave patterns and how to interpret them. The trainee's brainwave patterns are monitored during a Brainwave Profile and a series of meditations for beta mastery, alpha development, theta development, and the Awakened Mind pattern. This seminar focuses on the structural basis of Awakened Mind meditations and how to compose and lead them. The student practices drawing brainwave patterns and leads another student through the Brainwave Profile. By the end of this seminar, the student is prepared to do the independent study work described below.

Seminar 3/Practicum 1:  This seminar is open only to students working toward certification as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer. The trainee is expected to have completed all independent study work. Twenty-five sets of brainwave drawings and five case histories are presented to the teacher for feedback. At least two of the required six original meditations are presented to the group and teacher for critique. Each trainee receives feedback and continued instruction on voice and presentation. 


This seminar also focuses on how to deal with content arising from the subconscious. The trainee continues to develop his/her consciousness by being monitored on the Mind Mirror during several meditations and an Awakened Mind session conducted by the teacher while the group observes. Instruction on data analysis continues.

Seminar 4/Practicum 2:  This seminar focuses on how to conduct group brainwave trainings. Includes planning for three-hour, one-day, weekend, three-day, and five-day workshops (the "grid" system); leading groups in meditation; processing content within a group format; group dynamics; ethics; bio-monitoring and giving feedback within the group context; addressing "energetics," spiritual crisis and spiritual development; and how to attract and build a practice.


In this final practicum each student leads the group in at least one original meditation and receives feedback on presentation and content. The student is monitored on the Mind Mirror during several higher-state meditations.


The purpose of the practicums is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and ability while receiving feedback and developing their skills. Certification is awarded when the student exhibits satisfactory knowledge of the material and techniques, and displays at least an eyes-closed Awakened Mind pattern.


Both criteria ensure the trainee's ability to help others awaken their minds. The practitioner trainer may administer a written test which must be satisfactorily passed in order for certification to be granted.



Independent Study Work: Includes five brainwave sessions with each of five subjects (a total of 25 sessions). These five sets of brainwave drawings and five case histories (typed in English) are presented to the teacher before or at the beginning of Seminar 3, along with six original meditations specifically designed to develop brainwave categories and patterns.   


The independent study work reflects the student’s depth of understanding and ability to do the work. It also provides students with the skills and confidence needed to become a professional EEG Awakened Mind Coach and/or Consciousness Trainer. 

Certification Requirements:  Completion of Seminars 1-3, including the two practicums, and the independent study work described above, leads to the Awakened Mind Coach certification.


Completion of the independent study work and Seminars 1-4 leads to Awakened Mind Practitioner certification.