Max Cade Papers

This page contains lecture notes and informal papers authored by the distinguished British mind researcher C. Maxwell Cade. For details on Cade, electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell, and their development of and discoveries with the Mind Mirror, please visit our webpage The Awakened Mind and


See Mind Mirror Studies for ongoing research using the Mind Mirror. See Meditation Research for scientific studies that confirm Max Cade's findings on meditation, the brain, and consciousness.

Lecture Notes and Informal Papers

British biophysicist and psychobiologist C. Maxwell Cade authored these informal papers as lecture notes for meditation classes he taught in London from the late 1960s until his death in 1985. Isabel Cade points out that Max always embellished these writings in class and that their deeper meanings were brought home by the meditative experiences of students hooked up to the Mind Mirror.


Although Cade, a fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Royal Society of Medicine, wrote and presented many scientific and technical papers, these lecture notes were not intended for publication and thus were not refereed or subjected to peer review. Some of them quote the writings of other prominent researchers. 


IAM is pleased and proud to publish these highly informative and enlightening papers for the first time. They are a vivid illustration of Max Cade's genius in science, medicine, psychology and spirituality, and accordingly provide a holistic understanding of the mind-body connection, higher states of consciousness, and mystical experience.

A Parable about Meditation

An original work written by Max Cade in the mystical style of Kahlil Gibran, clarifying what meditation is and what it is not.

A Parable about Meditation.pdf
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A Short History of Biogenics: Mind and Self-Regulation

Autogenics * Progressive Relaxation * Transcendental Meditation * Biofeedback * Psychosomatic Symptoms * Mind-Body Self-Regulation * Autonomic Nervous System, Hypothalamus, Limbic System * The Effects of Lowering Brain Wave Frequencies * Breath Regulation * Biofeedback Training Methods * Subjective Awareness * Relief from Stress, Pain and Psychosomatic Illnesses

A Short History of Biogenics.pdf
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Altered States of Consciousness

This descriptive list includes nineteen altered states of consciousness (mental states of psychological functioning) in addition to the alert, waking state of ordinary awareness. These altered states range from coma, daydreaming, fragmentation and hysteria, to rapture, trance, and cosmic consciousness.

Altered States of Consciousness.pdf
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Controlling the Breath to Counteract the Diverse and Problematic Effects of Hyperventilation

Definition and Symptoms * Overbreathing the Real Cause of a Spectrum of Diseases * Anxiety, Stress and Life Changes * Hypocarbia * Experiential Exercise

Controlling the Breath to Counteract the
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Eight States of Consciousness

Cade describes these eight well-known levels of awareness and asks the student/reader to contemplate what it feels like to shift from the unconsciousness of sleep to dreaming and waking, meditation, the awakened mind of lucid awareness, creativity, psychedelia, and cosmic consciousness.

Eight states of consciousness.pdf
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Exercise in Disidentification and Recognition of the Central Self

If you are not your body, emotions, thoughts and intellect, then who are you? Cade asks these questions in this simple yet profound meditative exercise. The affirmations are designed to reveal and awaken awareness of your constant and unchanging "central self."

Exercise in Disidentification and Recogn
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Meditation and the Mystic States: Altered States of Thinking

Paradigm Clash between “Straight” and “Hip” * The Nature of Knowledge

and the Scientific Method * Common Features in Altered States of Consciousness * The Need for Unbiased Research


Meditation and the Mystic States - Alter
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Meditation and the Mystic States: States of Consciousness and Paradigms


Comparison between paradigms and discrete states of consciousness.

Max Cade - Meditation and the Mystic Sta
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Paradigms of Advanced Biogenics

Left- and Right-Brain Awareness * The Importance of Paradigms * Final (Creative) Integration * Factors that Stimulate Final Integration * Similarities Between Paradigms and Discrete States of Consciousness * Two Hemispheric Ways of Knowing * Functions of the Two Spheres of Consciousness * Hemispheric Asymmetry’s Inhibition of Thought and Emotions, and Its Relationship to Disease

Paradigms of Advanced Biogenics.pdf
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Self-Actualization and the Peak Experience

Maslow’s Characteristics of Self-Actualized People * Higher Motivations (Metaneeds) * Peak Experiences * Rogers’ Fully Functioning Person * List of Commonalities * Aftereffects of Peak Experiences * Relaxation and The Golden Circle Meditation (A Peak Experience) * Self-Actualization Questionnaire

Self-Actualization and the Peak Experien
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The Mechanism of Rebirth (Final Integration)

Principles of Final Integration * Certainty and the Search for Truth and Satisfaction * The Horizontal Expansion into Creativity * Relationship with the Non-Human Environment * What Motivates Existential Awareness * Requirements of Rebirth in Integration * The Art of Liberation

The Mechanism of Rebirth.pdf
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The Reticular Activating System and Meditation

How the brain stem's Reticular Activating System (RAS) switches on dreaming sleep and deep muscular relaxation, and serves as the gateway to all forms of meditation, creative reverie, self-regulation, and higher states of consciousness.

The Reticular Activating System and Medi
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The Transcendent Self: The Mysticism of Action

The Awakening of Kundalini * Kundalini Pitfalls and Promises * Four Degrees of the Mystic Life * The Mysticism of Action * The Bhagavad Gita and the Sermon on the Mount * The Lesser Mystic Way * The Way of Contemplation and The Way of Action

The Mysticism of Action.pdf
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Publications by The Maxwell Cade Foundation

The Maxwell Cade Foundation, a United Kingdom charity, was established after Max passed away in 1985. The foundation organized the following documents and handed them out to people interested in his work and as material for devising their own training courses. The first publication, "Biofeedback and the Higher States of Consciousness," provides a superb overview of meditation, the awakened mind, and higher awareness.


Biofeedback and the Higher States of Consciousness

Description of Biofeedback and Biofeedback Instruments Used * Bodily Correlates of Higher States of Consciousness * Brainwave Categories and Their Functions * Description of Illumined Consciousness * Meditation and the Higher States * Signs of Mystical Ecstasy * Passive Awareness * Mental Training Exercises * Meditation on Pure Consciousness

Biofeedback and the Higher States of Con
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Meditation, The Silent World

Meditation and Passive Lucid Awareness * The Practice of Simple Awareness * The Sensing of Self * Buoyancy and Ease * Exercises: Sensory Awareness/Voice of the Silence and The Silent World Sequence

Meditation, The Silent World.pdf
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The Anatomy of Meditation

The Attitude of the Meditator * Three Exercises: Stillness, Concentration, and Zazen for mastering attention and the breath. The section titled Notes includes comments by Cade on maintaining alpha brainwaves with the eyes open.

The Anatomy of Meditation.pdf
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