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Would you like to relax, awaken your senses, and access your creativity, insight, and intuition to more fully develop and evolve your mind? Optimize your brain and body? Unlock your unlimited power and potential? 


Whether you expand your awareness with our revolutionary, at-home Mind Mirror™ self-training program or with our practitioners and coaches, the Mind Mirror's time-proven pathway to peak performance and non-local states of consciousness is certain to be the most exciting and fulfilling journey you will ever take.


Grounded in 45 years of trail-blazing EEG research, the award-winning Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 and its mind-expanding Meditation Center offer you a scientific fast-track to conscious evolution. 


Brainwave biofeedback meditation will quickly and reliably shift your brainwaves toward personal and spiritual mastery. Decide what you want. Then attain it.

Who we are

IAM is an international consortium of professionals and self-trainers dedicated to EEG Awakened Mind Meditation as the means to personal and planetary transformation. 


What we do

We awaken awareness with the Mind Mirror's self-training program, the Meditation Center, private and group EEG sessions, and practitioner training courses offering an exciting, rewarding career!

About us

Founded by researcher Judith Pennington, IAM advances the Mind Mirror™ EEG, manages a Practitioner Directory, and offers monthly webinars and a newsletter that enliven and expand consciousness. 

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 and Mind Mirror Portal

Training meditation, peak performance, and transcendence

Video of Mind Mirror awakened mind pattern

Safe and easy to use, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is a research-grade, state-of-the-art neurofeedback/biofeedback device custom-designed to help people train their brains to attain several ideal states of awareness.  


The Mind Mirror™ has been a global leader in mind research since its invention in 1976 by British biophysicist C. Maxwell Cade. Its visual language mirrors the activities of the brain and consciousness in real time. 


Unlike any other EEG system, the Mind Mirror is a dual-hemisphere display of brainwave frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 100 hertz. The interrelationships of these frequencies form patterns which are easily read, interpreted, and adjusted. 


This is the only EEG system dedicated to the expansion of consciousness through deep-state meditation. The Mind Mirror is available to individuals, professionals, and researchers in a Practitioner Kit (EEG and physiology sensors) which enables people to self-train in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Change your brainwaves, change your mind and life.

Why choose the Mind Mirror?

The Mind Mirror 6 is the most affordable, compact, and versatile (real) EEG available in the marketplace. Built on 40 years of authoritative research, this state-of-the-art technology offers integrated mind-body measurements, sophisticated user controls, and advanced data analysis. 


The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 comes with a two-year warranty on hardware, free lifetime software updates, comprehensive training manuals and videos, 24/7 customer and technical support, and connection with a vibrant international community. Read what people say! Download the brochure.

Enter the Mind Mirror Portal

The Mind Mirror community includes people all over the world who connect with and learn from each other though a monthly webinar program and Video Gallery, a periodic newsletter, and the Mind Mirror Portal.


The subscription-based Mind Mirror Portal, a global consciousness network, offers automated data processing, session storage, trend charts, and a Meditation Center with a wide array of guided meditations by Max Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington which specialize in the development of brainwaves and consciousness.


You don't need to subscribe to the Portal or have a Mind Mirror to enjoy and benefit from the downloadable recordings in the Meditation Center. See what it has to offer! 


Practitioner Trainings in the United States





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Seminar 3 - Virtual

Feb. 2-4 & 7-10

10 a.m. EST


Judith Pennington








Seminar 3 - Virtual

March 28-31 & April 4-6

10 a.m. EST 


Judith Pennington




Group Monitoring of Discovery Programs at The Monroe Institute


















October 8-14, 2022





Mind Mirror Practitioners monitor 12-20 participants during RV and OBE research programs. Scientifically designed research focuses on the effects of gamma frequencies delivered through Monroe Sound Science (MSS) technology.


The Monroe Institute, Faber, Virginia


Visit The Monroe Institute website

Registration: + 1 (434) 361-1500

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Workshop in The Netherlands in 2023










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Awakening Your Mind 


Almen-Zutphen in Gelderland , Holland


Awakened Mind principles and the latest research acquired via the Mind Mirror (more information)


Suzanne Tempel and Judith Pennington 


The Phoenix Fellowship





Congratulations Awakened Mind Coach Thipphavanh Deovan!

Thipphavanh Deovan, certified by Suzanne Tempel as an Awakened Mind Coach on July 1, 2021, brings a rich and exciting array of skills and abilities to her work as a consciousness trainer and researcher.


Certified in Sound Massage healing, EFT, Shiatsu, and Yoga Nidra, she practices Qi Gong regularly and is studying the effects of all these modalities on brainwave states through the Mind Mirror.


Born in Perpignan, France, Thipphavanh grew up in Marseille and as a child was highly spiritual. She attended church on Sundays and meditated at the Buddhist temple, but as a teenager turned to pure science. She studied software engineering at the University of Luminy, graduating with a master’s degree in computer science specializing in digital imagery.


She worked for a software company for 15 years, starting out as an engineer and moving through sales, product marketing, business operations, and the legal department, but after her marriage to a software engineer and the birth of her son, she began to question the direction of her life.


She began to meditate again, meditating at a Buddhist temple, exploring mindfulness with MBSR, and reaching higher states of awareness through Insight Timer. She felt drawn to the self-healing work of Jean-Michel Gurret and certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), thus entering the world of energy psychology.


Reading Dawson Church’s book, The Genie in Your Genes, drew her to the practice of Qi Gong, which heightened her awareness of subtle energies, as did sound massage and its ability to shift states of consciousness with singing bowls and gongs placed on the body.


Thipphavanh had always wanted to build an EEG to map her brainwave activities. Learning about the Mind Mirror seemed serendipitous. Pure instinct drew her to Awakened Mind practitioner trainer Suzanne Tempel, a teacher of mediums who is based in The Netherlands.


“The Mind Mirror is a bridge to reconcile science and spirituality,” Thipphavanh says. “People come to me for healing and well-being, often scientific people with a hidden spiritual side. The Mind Mirror helps pragmatic people believe what they are sensing and feeling, especially in the field of energy studies and spirituality. It connects people with their true self.”


She quotes Thich Nhat Han: “[Buddhism] meditation is the practice of looking deeply into the nature of reality, so we are not deceived by what we see and what we hear. Science does the same, an attempt to look more deeply into the nature of reality. When we look at the sky and see a star, it may be that the star has already disappeared thousands of years of light ago, yet one can still strongly believe that the star is there. Science helps us to be more careful.”


She is also an ardent admirer of Einstein, whose words she lives by: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."   


Thipphavanh is currently working with clients while studying brain balancing and researching the effects of sound massage, EFT, shiatsu and Dawson Church’s Ecomeditation through brainwave changes on the Mind Mirror. 


To contact her, please visit the IAM Coach Directory.

Congratulations to Newly Certified Practitioner Andrew Tang!

Andrew Tang is best known to the Mind Mirror community as the genius behind the Mind Mirror Portal, a web-based data processing and storage platform with a group monitoring capability that advances research and positions the Portal as a global consciousness network.


A gifted software developer, healer, and business entrepreneur, Andrew certified as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer in December of 2020. He immediately expanded his scope by founding the Institute for the Awakened Mind Asia Pacific. He plans to reach out to Chinese people all over the world with group and practitioner trainings made possible by his implementation of the Mind Mirror Portal.


At age 18, Andrew emigrated from his native Hong Kong to England to attend secondary school in North Wales and then the University of Kent at Canterbury, where he studied physics and computer science. He had always been interested in atomic physics and fields but instead pursued a highly successful career as a software developer and consultant for Phillips, IBM, Bell South, the U.S. Department of Defense, Reuters, American Airlines, Citibank, and other Fortune 500 companies while living in Hong Kong, New York City, and Canada.


Experience in every aspect of the business world prepared him to open his own company, AVIER Tech (an acronym for the software stages of assimilation, visualization, improvement, effectiveness, and realization) while living in New Jersey in 2016.


By then, Andrew was deeply involved in the exploration of consciousness, which returned him to his earlier fascination with physics and fields. After one of his family members developed a chronic illness in 2014, he plunged into the world of holistic healing by studying medical qi gong, energy medicine, Reiki, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and, later on, the ACMOS Method (energy healing and balancing), Biogeometry techniques, Joe Dispenza’s Coherence Healing Method, and consciousness courses at The Monroe Institute, where he learned about the Mind Mirror.


Andrew’s connection with the Mind Mirror and IAM resonated on every level. “I found that the future is in spiritual technology,” he explained. “It’s a way of applying technology to help people explore spirituality and put it to practical use—to get inspiration, to heal.


“What I have hope for is to be a better person, to have more spiritual growth. Along the way, I would like to help people be more open to spirit and different ways of healing, and to the fact that we have the ability to heal ourselves.


“The Mind Mirror gives us a tangible, measurable way to get in touch with the subconscious mind and awaken from a dream to the higher self. It’s like lifting yourself up into awareness of the entire chess game from a higher perspective. You look at it from the top-down perspective—not the perspective of the pawn located on a single square.


“The Awakened Mind allows you to get to a state where you have a broader perspective of everything, closer to the perspective of your higher self,” he continued. “You can get insights and solutions. For me, it’s time to execute those ideas and ideals.”


The Awakened Mind, Mind Mirror, and IAM have benefitted greatly from Andrew’s global vision and look forward to collaboration with him in future. Congratulations on your certification, Andrew! We welcome you and thank you for all that you are and do. 


To contact Andrew Tang, visit the Vermont section of IAM’s Practitioner Directory and the IAM Asia Pacific website.

Newly Certified Awakened Mind Practitioner Jessica Blanding!

IAM is pleased and proud to announce the certification of Jessica Blanding, MS, LPC as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer. Jessica is a licensed professional counselor experienced in using cognitive behavioral strategies to treat a variety of mental health challenges. She has been in private practice and a business owner serving individuals and families in the South Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, regions since 2005. 


Jessica is a deeply spiritual person whose open heart and warm, sunny disposition make her an inspired teacher to the many people she helps. She grew up in North Philadelphia on the campus of Temple University with dreams of either playing professional basketball or pursuing a career in the creative arts.  Following her passion, she enrolled in Temple University’s school of Film and Media Arts.  


While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Jessica enjoyed writing screenplays, music, and producing short films.  However, the summer after graduation, she took a part-time job with a mental health agency and found herself in deep resonance with mental healthcare and providing services that can improve the life experience of those in need. She began her career as an in-home counselor and traveled to families’ homes serving at-risk youth. Jessica found that work very fulfilling “in their knowing that you were going to show up and validate them,” she said. “I wanted to learn more about different treatment modalities and helpful interventions to move people past challenging life experiences.”


Following that call of the heart, Jessica obtained a Master’s degree in Community Psychology at Springfield College and shortly thereafter, became licensed as a Professional Counselor—a deeply fulfilling use of her highly developed creativity and intuition. “You realize that your body is doing what your spirit and higher self want you to do,” she mused. “You’re working toward the best version of yourself. It’s best to surrender and do the best you can with whatever and whoever is in front of you.”


Her specialties include the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and adjustment to life change. When asked what she brings to her counseling sessions, she replied, “A very deep awareness of the bigger problem. Underneath, it’s a spiritual issue that prevents people from living their best life.”


While engaged in the independent study work required for practitioner certification, Jessica discovered that “guided meditation with the Mind Mirror allows me to deliver a service to clients above and beyond. It’s a multi-pronged approach to wellness. As a counselor (using cognitive behavioral therapy), I find that it takes time to bring people to the point where they heal. The Mind Mirror is instantaneous. Through Awakened Mind training, clients become very intimate with the problem and engage it in a different way, and that way works. It’s unparalleled for people to walk out, after a session, with that kind of progress. That’s really beautiful.”


Deeply introspective, creative, and caring, she is a tremendous asset to her clients, the counseling field, and to IAM. To contact her, please visit the Practitioner Directory and find her listings under New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


We salute you, Jessica—and thank you for all that you are and do. 

"The present wave of interest in higher states of consciousness and the exploration of the inner worlds now sweeping the West has a deeper-rooted cause than is usually understood by those engaged in the study of the human mind.

This is not just a passing phase, a fashionable switch of interest from the material to the spiritual. It is a part of human evolution; the point where consciousness turns its search on to itself to unravel its own mystery."