Corporate Training

In the business world, peak performance is the recognized fast-track to high productivity and lower product  costs. Employees who are relaxed, focused and creative do the best work, enjoy their jobs more, and maintain good health.


The awakened mind of creative flow--calm, contemplative and steady under pressure and stress--is present in all top performers. Awakened mind training with the Mind Mirror can help anyone find the peak performance "zone" and stay in it. 


With peak performance training, you will see in your employees, managerial staff and executives positive and beneficial results right away. And these will only increase over time.

How do I introduce this training to my company?

We can provide you with reams of research that back up our claims. Or you can take our word for it. Brainwave training for peak performance is sweeping world corporations by storm these days--and no system beats the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 when it comes to effectiveness.


Contact us to discuss how our certified awakened mind trainers can serve you. Or ask how to purchase a Mind Mirror for company use.


Our expert training system, provided through manuals, e-mail, telephone and Skype, can include site visits to your company for a demonstration or to train a company trainer.

How will I know that it's working?

Our data analysis tools are designed to track progress and pinpoint specific needs. But the real proof is in the people we train. Read what they say.


Your employees will report, or "feed back" to you, their improvements in cognition, mental coherence, creativity, health and well-being. You will see the difference in your bottom line.

What's my next step?

Explore the Recent Studies page of this website for evidence of our claims. When you are convinced--or simply want to ask questions--contact us.


Corporate efficiency through personal empowerment is a mission of ours. You have the power to make our world a better place. We want to help you do that.