Software Features

Awakened mind pattern - The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6


The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 software, unique and unprecedented, offers sophisticated features, innovative user controls, advanced data analysis tools, and a revolutionary at-home self-training program for attaining the ideal awakened mind pattern shown at left.


To the foundational pass band filters of the classic Mind Mirror, Vilistus software engineers added the best of neurofeedback/biofeedback technology. In response to the ideas and needs of worldwide awakened mind practitioners, researchers, and self-trainers, this pivotal biotechnology is continually growing and evolving.

What makes the Mind Mirror so unique?

Nothing else like the Mind Mirror existed when Max Cade and Geoff Blundell invented it in 1976, and there is still nothing else like it today. Since 2011, when I AM's collaboration with Vilistus began, their most excellent engineers have exponentially increased the power of the Mind Mirror.

Now we have the best of all worlds: the classic EEG instrument combined with state-of-the-art neurofeedback and biofeedback technology and the innovative ideas of tech-savvy people devotedly exploring the field of meditation, the brain and consciousness. 

Besides affordability, versatility, and ease of use, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 stands head and shoulders above all other (real) electroencephalographs because it:   

  • operates in real-time, unlike all other neurofeedback (FFT) devices which lag 4 seconds behind brain events
  • monitors both hemispheres of the brain to ensure that symmetry is present or can be trained
  • measures the activities of brainwave frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 64 hertz, or cycles per second
  • displays these frequencies in up to 16 horizontal bands that cluster into five brainwave categories: beta, alpha, theta, delta and low gamma
  • shows the interrelationships of the frequency bars and brainwave categories
  • provides an interrelated, composite picture of consciousness that can be read and interpreted by anyone
  • "feeds back" to the meditator a real-time brainwave pattern, like a moving picture, showing his/her changing states of consciousness, which can then be adjusted, regulated and optimized.

The Mind Mirror's ability to reflect brain activities and states of consciousness with extraordinary precision and unfailing reliability accounts for its standing as the global leader in consciousness research and development. 

What can this software do for me? Is it too complex for a non-technical person?

It's easy to operate - just a few keystrokes, explained in the User Manual, and you're there. Self-trainers use the audio-visual cues in the program as direct feedback for development of the three best-patterns proven to optimize consciousness over the past 50 years: the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind brainwave patterns.

No matter who you are (if you are a relatively normal person, that is), you can now use the self-training program to guide yourself into deep, profound meditation, creative flow, peak performance, and whole-brain nonduality. 

What helps with self-training are the wide array of instrument displays and data analysis tools that make awakened mind development more accurate, reliable, and scientifically measurable than ever before. Session summaries are obtained with a single keystroke. But if you are at all adventurous, read on. Because you're going to love what this Rolls Royce of an EEG can do!

New Features and Varied Views

Classic and new views with an optional gamma screen. The classic Mind Mirror pattern, with 14 frequency bars ranging from 0.5-44 Hz. A keystroke command or right-click menu option activates two additional bars of gamma frequencies (44-54 and 54-64 Hz). 


The Mind Mirror display may be switched from horizontal bands to an outline pattern or an outline pattern with a fill. Three color schemes are available: dark blue bars on a black background, yellow bars on a medium blue background, and multicolor. The multicolor display is easily customized, per band, with a full array of color choices.


At the bottom of the Mind Mirror display (see screen capture below, at left) is a green sEMG bar that measures muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders to alert the user to the existence of frequency-distorting muscle artifact.  


In addition to the Mind Mirror display, brainwave production may be viewed in a variety of ways. Note below, at right, the 2-45Hz raw trace and, just below, the vertical bars. Yellow bar graphs can be used to monitor, for example, theta, alpha, SMR, beta and gamma activity.


Image Showing Mind Mirror Self-Training Visual
Image showing Mind Mirror data

(Left) The white outline is a visual cue for eyes-open self-training. (Above) Mind Mirror (or neurofeedback) data windows shown as raw trace, a vertical display or bar graphs.

EEG with Integrated Physiology Meters

The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) meters shown on the Hardware page are used to monitor and self-regulate physiology.  Used alone or in combination with EEG, the GSR and BVP meters deepen understanding of the body-mind connection and how to profoundly relax into order to reduce stress, improve health, and expand the mind's consciousness.  


The GSR can be used without EEG to extrapolate the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind patterns of consciousness, due to Max Cade's correlation of ESR/GSR measurements with brainwave production. The screen capture below shows Lesh State 5 (middle right) and its associated Awakened Mind brainwave pattern at left.

In the same screen capture, post-session summary view windows for GSR and BVP enable the user to correlate mind-body relationships and master each. The red trend lines and vertical white markers, used in conjunction with a timer clock, pinpoint notable body-mind events with revealing precision. Session markers are objectively anchored to internal landmarks for greater self-understanding and self-mastery.

Awakened Mind Brainwave Patterns - The Mind Mirror
Mind Mirror's GSR arousal/relaxation post-session summary view window

(Just above, left)  GSR arousal/relaxation post-session summary view window displays the data and trend lines on a printable white background. (Right) BVP summary window shows Heart Rate, HRV Index, and Stress Index.

Mind Mirror - BVP summary window

Self-Training Program

The Mind Mirror's revolutionary self-training program provides direct audio-visual feedback for training the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind brainwave patterns.


Self-trainers simply attach the electrodes, bring up the Mind Mirror and associated instrument windows, select the pattern to be trained and the training level, activate the white outline, and press Record. The brain adjusts itself to receive the musical rewards and thus attain the pattern.


The Mind Mirror Summary provides an average brainwave pattern for the session and a statistical column chart listing scores on 1-10 training levels for all three brainwave patterns. 

The Mind Mirror Provides Direct Audio-Visual Feedback

In the screen capture above, the meditator is replaying an evolved-mind training session (the circular white outline) in a Mind Mirror window with two bands of gamma (44-64 Hz). Left- and right-brain spectrograms numerically track the array of frequencies produced by each brain hemisphere. At top left and right, post-session summary view windows for Gamma Amplitude show a distinct gamma-wave increase, identified by a rise in the red trend line.


The Mind Mirror Summary at bottom right shows a well-developed awakened mind pattern. The statistical column chart, listing attainment counts for all three patterns in all 10 variable challenge levels, indicates that the meditator is ready to train the Awakened Mind pattern at Level 4; the Evolved Mind pattern at Level 4, and the Meditation Pattern at Level 3.  


The awakened mind practitioner, self-trainer or researcher might also use post-session summary windows to check signal quality, sEMG artifact, and amplitude changes in beta, alpha, theta, and delta. The Dominant Frequency summary window shows the rise and descent of consciousness via the frequencies with the strongest amplitudes.


Viewed separately or together, post-session summary windows for EEG, GSR and BVP provide penetrating insights into the mind's consciousness and the body's relaxation/arousal levels. This easily read information markedly speeds consciousness development, especially when linked to internal landmarks. 

Internal landmarks play a key role in biofeedback and neurofeedback training. Direct audio-visual feedback cues the meditator to find internal landmarks, or anchors, that represent the state of consciousness. Consciously recreating a landmark causes the brain to reproduce and condition the associated brainwave pattern.


Using landmarks to access and master the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind patterns helps the meditator master these states of consciousness. The self-adjusting brain accommodates the desired learning by rewiring its neural circuitry through the process called neuroplasticity.


Re-imagining internal landmarks and viewing the training pattern's white outline with the eyes open teaches the meditator to maintain the ideal awakened mind pattern of lucid awareness in waking life.    

Group Brainwave Training Capability

The Mind Mirror 6 accommodates group brainwave trainings with a new level of affordability and ease. Previously, only a few awakened mind trainers with specialized equipment could hook up more than one person at a time. Today, the four inputs in the Vilistus digital sampling unit accommodate up to four EEG sensors or a mix of EEG and physiology meters.


The screen capture below shows four people hooked up to one Vilistus DSU simultaneously. Instrument windows include the Mind Mirror, signal quality (the optimal 1.00), and sEMG artifact. Each of the four Mind Mirror windows can be adjusted in the many ways explained here and on the User Controls page.

The Vilistus DSU Mind Mirror 6

Neurofeedback Training

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is a multi-modal research- grade neurofeedback/biofeedback instrument designed for professional therapists and hospital and university researchers. Neurofeedback trains brain frequencies in specific locations to improve mental functioning.

The Mind Mirror's dual-channel sensors can be exchanged for or used as single-channel sensors. Direct audio-visual feedback is available in the free Vilistus Pro software. Raw trace, vertical bars, and bar graph data windows are available for 2-45 Hz, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta Amplitude, SMR, Alpha-Theta (meditation) and Theta-Beta (peak performance).

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is a multi-modal research- grade neurofeedback/biofeedback instrument designed for professional therapists and hospital and university researchers.

Shown in the screen capture above are a Mind Mirror window (top left) and the BrainMirror (top right). The BrainMirror is a dual-hemisphere display of individual brainwave frequencies used primarily for research and to train symmetry. At center, the red arrows in left- and right-brain alpha-theta windows seek to rest in the meditative "still point" between the vertical white lines. The brain adjusts itself to win the audio-visual reward, as in the Mind Mirror's self-training program.   

Software Advances and Free Updates

Like the brainwaves it mirrors, the Mind Mirror 6 is continually evolving. Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark works closely with worldwide self-trainers, awakened mind practitioners, and consciousness researchers to develop new features that advance and enhance the software and the experiences of its users.


Software updates are provided free of charge. Software support includes comprehensive manuals and online help.