The Meditation Center

IAM is pleased and proud to introduce its beautiful new Meditation Center, located on the Mind Mirror Portal website, an automated data processing system of great value to Mind Mirror owners. Interfaced with the Portal, the Meditation Center offers the quintessential path to brainwave training and conscious evolution: an extraordinary menu of newly recorded guided meditations and exercises by C. Maxwell Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington. (See the website's Meditation Center homepage below.)



Sharpen your mind, awaken your senses, and animate your subconscious intelligence. Then travel with us beyond the boundaries of time and space to other planets, the past and future, your higher self, and universal consciousness.


In addition to the new recordings, the Meditation Center features Classic Albums by Anna and Judith and a Complete Brainwave Training Program.  


It is our great honor to introduce these profound, consciousness-raising meditations and preserve them in perpetuity. There is no better way to evolve your mind and life than these meditations for  personal transformation, spiritual growth, and transcendence. EEG-tested and time-proven, this is the only scientific brainwave training system of its kind in the world. 


The Mind Mirror Portal


The Meditation Center is located within the website. The Portal is a new subscription-based program for Mind Mirror owners (the first 10 sessions are free!). The Portal  offers file storage and tracking, statistical trend charts, automated data processing, and the phenomenal Meditation Viewer. The Meditation Viewer displays the meditator's brainwave patterns within time-annotated meditation scripts which visually reveal the best directions for  meditation and consciousness training.  

Vintage Max Cade Recordings

The meditations and exercises available below were recorded by Mind Mirror inventor C. Maxwell Cade in the early 1980s on the Scottish island of Iona. They were recorded on cassette and converted to mp3 form.


We hope you enjoy these superb and very powerful compositions. Seven of them have been professionally recorded by Judith Pennington for the Portal's Meditation Center. Be sure to read Max's informal papers as well.


Thanks to Awakened Mind researcher Peter Staples for providing these recordings to IAM. They are the only existing recordings of Max's meditation voice. 

C. Maxwell Cade Vintage Recordings

Autogenic Relaxation to Still the Mind
Guided relaxation through the body with affirmations of wholeness: 17:43 minutes
Autogenic Relaxation to Still the Mind.m
MP3 Audio File 20.3 MB
Exercise in Recognition of the Central Non-Physical Self (Disidentification)
Guided disidentification: 3:12 minutes
Exercise in Recognition of the Central N
MP3 Audio File 3.7 MB

Progressive Relaxation and Ease
Length: 4:22 minutes
Progressive Relaxation and Ease.mp3
MP3 Audio File 5.0 MB
Length: 3:27 minutes
MP3 Audio File 3.9 MB

Sensory Sequences for Alpha Development
Length: 13:25
Sensory Sequences for Alpha Development.
MP3 Audio File 15.4 MB
Seven Steps to Healing and Transformation
Length: 6:45 minutes
Seven Steps to Healing and Transformatio
MP3 Audio File 7.7 MB

The Encounter with Light
Guided meditation to a higher state
Length: 5:37 minutes
The Encounter with Light.mp3
MP3 Audio File 9.9 MB
The Fluctuations of the Mind - Explanation and Exercise toward Stillness
Length: 4:13 minutes
The Fluctuations of the Mind - Lecture a
MP3 Audio File 4.8 MB

The Golden Waterfall Meditation: The Orbit
Guided meditation for higher-energy recharge
Length: 5:52
The Golden Waterfall Meditation - The Or
MP3 Audio File 6.7 MB
The Moon: A Meditative Poem
Alpha sensualization on compassionate non-attachment Length: 2:26
The Moon - A Meditative Poem.mp3
MP3 Audio File 2.8 MB

The Pyramid: A Journey to the Higher Self
Guided meditation
Length: 7:00 minutes
The Pyramid - A Journey to the Higher Se
MP3 Audio File 8.0 MB
The Rainbow: A Journey into Stillness
Guided meditation
Length: 10:31
The Rainbow - A Guided Journey into Stil
MP3 Audio File 12.0 MB

Zen Parable on Meditation
Poetic reading on the meaning of mastery
Length: 3:58 minutes
Zen Parable on Meditation.mp3
MP3 Audio File 4.6 MB