IAM Coach Directory

The certified Awakened Mind Coach is fully educated in Awakened Mind theory and meditation practices but does not conduct group brainwave trainings. Awakened Mind Coaches are fully qualified to conduct private sessions of any nature.


Stefanie Hoesch

Muehlweg 12

85296 Rohrbach

Tel: +49 160 90567173

Email: info@balancetobody.de

 Web: www.balancetobody.de

Stefanie Hoesch brings to Awakened Mind training her ability to develop the body and mind in a sensitive and integrated manner. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Cologne in Information Management and continues to work as a senior consultant for IT technology and communication. She has been a certified body-oriented Coach since 2013, employing the craniosacral method for relaxation and development of the body. She is also a certified HeartMath Coach and uses this relaxation/meditation training with her clients to promote relaxation and heart coherence.


Specialties: Body-orientated relaxation, Cranio or Brain Coaching, HeartMath Coaching, and Cell healing.


Jean Schmit

9, rue de la Montagne

7239 Walferdange

Tel: +35 269 133 20 98

Tel: +35 233 20 99

Email: jean.schmit@education.lu


The Netherlands

Suzanne Tempel

Ploegschaar 32

3763 ZW Soest

Tel: +31 628 12 4117

Email: www.suzannetempel.com

Web: info@suzannetempel.com 

Suzanne Tempel brings to IAM an impressive array of credentials and her lifelong commitment to consciousness development. She holds a master’s degree in coaching (counseling), is a Licensed NLP Practitioner, and has worked in the corporate world as an operations manager. She studied at the Art Academy in Rotterdam for five years and has danced professionally on the theater stage and on television. She has been an intuitive healer and reader since birth.


Specialties: Practitioner and Coach Trainer. Private Sessions for Personal Transformation, Creativity, Intuition and Flow, Business Performance, Spiritual Awakening and Evolving Consciousness for Healers, Mediums and long-term meditators.