Mind Mirror Studies

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Study on the Brainwaves of 14 People Attending the Journey to Happiness Program with Gamma Training at The Monroe Institute in June 2017

Executive Summary of the brainwave patterns, data, and experiences of 14 people listening to Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) meditations with high gamma frequencies at The Monroe Institute's five-day"Journey to Happiness" program in June of 2017.

Executive Summary derived from a Compilation of Abstracts describing the brainwave patterns, scores, and experiences of the 14 participants. The Compilation of Abstracts synthesized extensive Individual Reports on the meditators.

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The Brainwaves of Dr. Agapi Ermides during EFT Tapping

Dawson Church, PhD, best-selling author and international teacher of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), led two groups of four people wired to the Mind Mirror through several rounds of EFT tapping during his Energy Psychology Conference at the Omega Institute in late August 2017.


The goal was to clear emotional trauma. This analysis of one person's brainwaves demonstrates that EFT resolves deep-seated, long-standing trauma in less than 30 minutes.




Contextual article featured in IAM's September 2017 edition of "Eureka Times."

Brainwave Study on Dr Agapi Ermides.pdf
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Study on Near-Death Survivor and Investigator P.M.H. Atwater

Judith Pennington conducted a Mind Mirror study on the brainwaves of near-death  experiencer and author P.M.H. Atwater on May 15, 2016, in Virginia Beach, Virginia (U.S.A.)


Read an article about her three NDEs and superconscious brainwave patterns. See a chart comparing NDEs to spiritual transformations. Learn what she learned from 4,000 interviews with people who died and came back to life.





Contextual article featured in IAM's March 2017  edition of "Eureka Times."

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Two Studies on Reiki Healer Frans Stiene

Judith Pennington conducted two Mind Mirror studies on International House of Reiki founder Frans Stiene, one in 2011 and the latest in 2015. These studies show a significant increase in Frans' gamma frequencies and discuss how healing occurs in different frequency ranges.


2011 study:

The Brain Waves of Reiki.pdf
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The Harmonics of Healing and Brain Wave
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                   Article above - Data Analysis below

Frans Stiene 2015 Study - Data Analysis.
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EFT, Brain Injury Patient, and a Mind Mirror Study

Awakened Mind Practitioners Gary Groesbeck, BCIAC Fellow, and Donna Bach, ND, conduct a study in conjunction with Gary Craig, EFT Founder, and Daniel J. Benor, MD, on the Mind Mirror III EEG. The brainwave patterns of a traumatic brain injury patient, Sally, improve dramatically after EFT tapping. 


Published by the International Journal of Healing and Caring, May 2009, Vol. 9, #2

Emotional Freedom Technique for Traumatic Brain Injury
The experimenters discuss the study and its implications for further research and assessment and treatment of wartime TBI, PTSD and depression.
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Effect of Tellington T-Touch Therapy on Horses measured on the Mind Mirror

Awakened Mind Practitioner Robin C. Bernhard, LCSW, MEd, BCN, shares her in-depth study on the effects of Linda Tellington-Jones' T-Touch Therapy on a mare.(Adobe Acrobat file)


Also provided here is a Power Point show highlighting images and data related to Anna Wise's work with Tellington-Jones as they monitored the brainwaves of horses.

Anna Wise study on horses - by Robin Ber
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Study on a mare by Robin Bernhard.
Immediate Benefit of Tellington TTouch A
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