Mind Mirror Studies

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Study on the Brainwaves of Mediums at the Australian Wallacia Development Center

Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer Oxana Bondarchuk, a transpersonal psychologist and native of Russia, visited the Wallacia Development Center in Sydney, Australia, and simultaneously monitored the Mind Mirror brainwave patterns of four mediums, defined as people who are aware of and communicate with the spirit world. Her informal study, illustrated with brainwave patterns, shows that her subjects produced strongly defined eyes-open alpha within the ideal Awakened Mind and Gamma Synchrony patterns, possibly due to their sensory awareness of spirit people in everyday, waking life. Their eyes-open and eyes-closed brainwave patterns were nearly identical. In all four subjects, low-frequency 




delta activity exceeded 120 microvolts and ranged up to nearly 300 microvolts, as the unconscious minds of the mediums shifted into non-local awareness. Strong gamma brainwave activity was often present, including during table tipping in some subjects. When connecting with each other as a group, high-amplitude flares of theta's subconscious and transpersonal awareness were common. Practiced mediums often produced the Evolved Mind pattern of unity consciousness, up to the 100Hz Universal Consciousness pattern, while connecting with spirits, even with eyes open, and used this energy to tip and move tables


Read the study, published in the August 2020 edition of IAM's free e-newsletter, "Eureka Times." Oxana Bondarchuk's studies are ongoing and may result in the development of training protocols for mediums.


Executive Report for The Monroe Institute on August 2019 Discovery Program

The Monroe Institute (TMI), located in Faber, Virginia, conducts biannual Discovery programs devoted to the exploration of consciousness. Participants listen through headphones to Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) beats involving gamma frequencies designed by Innovations Director Robert Holbrook. Mind Mirror practitioners monitor their brainwaves. In this program, a group of 12 advanced meditators and/or spiritual practitioners participated, with one non-meditator serving as a control. During the Opening Baseline, 8 people produced high-value eyes-open Awakened Mind patterns.




Everyone reported expansions of consciousness during the program. Participants successfully identified the hidden target 18 times out of 60 possibilities. The target attainment rate resulted in p=0.076 for all RV and OBE sessions, which means "approaching significance.” Nine people traveled out of body or bilocated a total of 20 times. Four people scored six Target 1 hits during OBE/bilocations.



Executive Report - August 2019 Discovery
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Study on Healer Edd Edwards at the Rhine Research Center,    Duke University, August 2019

Edd Edwards, a well-known healer with on-call  psychokinetic abilities, used hands-on healing in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab while working on study author Judith Pennington. This preliminary study awaits biophoton measurements taken by Executive Director John Kruth with a photomultiplier tube. During a 10-minute session which healed chronic low back pain in the recipient, Edwards produced 

near-coherent and highly coherent brainwaves across all frequencies, including low, mid and upper gamma. He transmitted high-frequency




gamma to the recipient, whose low gamma grew more coherent. Eyes-open measurements showed unprecedentedly high-value Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, and Gamma Synchrony values. Unusual brainwave patterns consisting of cross-currents and stable variability, also noted in a high-density EEG study at the Division of Perceptual Studies, were also seen on the Mind Mirror 6.


Article: "Visiting the Rhine Research Center" 

Study on Healer Edd Edwards.pdf
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Study on a Healing Session with Dr. Marc Gil and Meditation Teacher Liz Libbrecht, June 2018.

The transfer of high-frequency gamma from Geneva physician Marc Gil to French Quantum Way co-founder Liz Libbrecht resonated into her brainwave pattern and produced strong gamma amplitude surges. Both healer and recipient attained high coherence in several brainwave categories. In a followup three months after the session, Libbrecht's shoulder (the complaint) had not healed, but an emotional issue in her

spleen, simultaneously perceived by the healer and recipient, had completely cleared through their mutual efforts in transmitting healing energy. This study found resonance and frequency coupling in EEG and marked changes in heart rate. Study by Judith Pennington, timekeeping by Felice DuBois.

Marc Gil and Liz Libbrecht - Healing Stu
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EcoMeditation and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Produce Elevated Brainwave Patterns and States of Consciousness. Energy Psychology Journal, May 2019.

This study, co-authored by Judith Pennington, Debbie Sabot, and EFT guru Dawson Church, was published in the May 2019 issue of the Energy Psychology Journal. The study shows startling advances in several brainwave patterns mapped on the Mind Mirror in eight people over the course of a weekend EFT training at The Open Center in New York in late October 2017. By the closing baseline measurements on Sunday, statistical significance was found for the eyes-open Awakened Mind pattern by as 

much as 41 percentage points (Training Summary). Six people increased eyes-open Gamma Synchrony by as much as 46 percentage points. Five people increased their eyes-closed Awakened Mind and Gamma Synchrony scores, and three people their EC Evolved Mind statistics. All eight of the subjects generated high-amplitude gamma and GS values, some at the top of the statistical scale, during Dawson Church's EcoMeditation. These gamma increases stabilized their alpha and increased their brainwave coherence in several categories.

EFT and Ecomeditation Enhance MM Pattern
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Study by Richard Szuster, M.D. on Dreams, Embodied Imagination and The Creative Mind. Journal of Creative Studies, September 2018.

This pilot study by psychiatrist Richard Szuster is the first attempt to investigate the use of embodied imagination in the creative process. Embodied imagination is an emerging method for working with dreams and the imagination






that employs two fundamental processes: First, embodied imagination takes place in a hybrid state of awareness including both wake-like and dream-like experience. Second, embodied imagination focuses on direct engagement with dream images. Seven participants, currently engaged in a creative project, were guided in a two-step embodied imagination process while monitored on the Mind Mirror EEG.

Dreams EI Creative Mind.pdf
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Study on the Brainwave Patterns of Author and Intuitive Frank DeMarco during a Meditative Writing in June 2018

Report on the content of a 40-minute intuitive session and the brainwave patterns produced by Frank DeMarco as information was obtained. A delta-gamma channeling pattern in the left



brain and Evolved Mind patterns in the right brain confirm non-3D connection. Consistent gamma production increased brain coherence.



Frank DeMarco Brainwave Study.pdf
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Report on Hands-on Healing Session with Healer Fred Rible and Recipient Felice DuBois. March 2018.

This study took place at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, during the 2018 Professional Division conference attended by both the healer and recipient. Permanent healing of an injured



knee was effected. The healer's high-frequency gamma waves transferred to the healee, who afterward maintained the gamma energies and continued to be free of pain.

Fred Rible and Felice DuBois.pdf
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Study on the Brainwaves of 14 People Attending the Journey to Happiness Program with Gamma Training at The Monroe Institute in June 2017

Executive Summary of the brainwave patterns, data, and experiences of 14 people listening to Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) meditations with high gamma frequencies at The Monroe Institute's five-day"Journey to Happiness" program in June of 2017.

Executive Summary derived from a Compilation of Abstracts describing the brainwave patterns, scores, and experiences of the 14 participants. The Compilation of Abstracts synthesized extensive Individual Reports on the meditators.

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The Brainwaves of Dr. Agapi Ermides during EFT Tapping

Dawson Church, PhD, best-selling author and international teacher of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), led two groups of four people wired to the Mind Mirror through several rounds of EFT tapping during his Energy Psychology Conference at the Omega Institute in late August 2017.  The goal was to clear emotional trauma. This analysis of one person's

brainwaves demonstrates that EFT resolves deep-seated, long-standing trauma in less than 30 minutes. Contextual article featured in IAM's September 2017 edition of "Eureka Times."

Brainwave Study on Dr Agapi Ermides.pdf
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Study on Near-Death Survivor and Investigator P.M.H. Atwater

Judith Pennington conducted a Mind Mirror study on the brainwaves of near-death  experiencer and author P.M.H. Atwater on May 15, 2016, in Virginia Beach, Virginia (U.S.A.)


Read an article about her three NDEs and superconscious brainwave patterns. See a chart comparing NDEs to spiritual transformations.

Learn what she learned from 4,000 interviews with people who died and came back to life.Contextual article featured in IAM's March 2017  edition of "Eureka Times."

PMH Atwater - Mind Mirror Study.pdf
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Two Studies on Reiki Healer Frans Stiene

Judith Pennington conducted two Mind Mirror studies on International House of Reiki founder Frans Stiene, one in 2011 and the latest in 2015. These studies show a significant increase in Frans' gamma frequencies and discuss how healing occurs in different frequency ranges.


2011 study:

The Brain Waves of Reiki.pdf
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The Harmonics of Healing and Brain Wave
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                   Article above - Data Analysis below

Frans Stiene 2015 Study - Data Analysis.
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Healing a Brain Injury Patient with Emotional Freedom Technique

Awakened Mind Practitioners Gary Groesbeck, BCIAC Fellow, and Donna Bach, ND, conduct a study in conjunction with Gary Craig, EFT Founder, and Daniel J. Benor, MD, on the Mind Mirror III EEG. The brainwave patterns of a traumatic brain injury patient, Sally, improve dramatically after EFT tapping. 


Published by the International Journal of Healing and Caring, May 2009, Vol. 9, #2

Emotional Freedom Technique for Traumatic Brain Injury
The experimenters discuss the study and its implications for further research and assessment and treatment of wartime TBI, PTSD and depression.
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Effect of Linda Tellington-Jones T-Touch Therapy on Horses Measured on the Mind Mirror

Awakened Mind Practitioner Robin C. Bernhard, LCSW, MEd, BCN, shares her in-depth study on the effects of Linda Tellington-Jones' T-Touch Therapy on a mare. (See Adobe Acrobat file at right.) See also the Power Point show highlighting images and data related to Anna Wise's work with Tellington-Jones as they monitored the brainwaves of horses.

Anna Wise study on horses - by Robin Ber
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Study on a mare by Robin Bernhard.
Immediate Benefit of Tellington TTouch A
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