I AM Community

Exciting Doings in the South of France

Daniel and Pascale Wagner, neurofeedback practitioners based in the south of France, are translating Max Cade's Awakened Mind book and the Mind Mirror 6 User Manual into French!


Experts working with NeurOptimal, somatic psychology and now the Mind Mirror, these loving and compassionate brainwave trainers are our dear supporters and friends. 

 Yes, she comes from the Land Down Under...

Oxana Bondarchuk, a native of Moscow now living in the mountain hinterlands above Byron Bay, Australia, is the genius behind our monthly webinar programs and webinar website as well as our "Eureka Times" newsletter.


A gifted speaker and trainer, Oxana is a certified Awakened Mind Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer. A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis with a degree as a teacher of Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, she has also worked for international corporations as a Marketing Executive and Business Trainer. She is using all of these skills in organizing the IAM Community!

Oxana lends her spirit of adventure, open-heartedness, and deep, resonant connection with nature to everything she does. Meet her during one of our monthly webinars.

The Treasures of India

Amit Kohli (foreground) and Nikate Khaitan are shown here working with the Mind Mirror in Kolkata during the summer of 2014. Special thanks to Amit for lending his awakened mind brainwave pattern to these pages and to Nikate for scanning Max Cade's book for conversion into a now-available e-book.


Nikate, founder of the Awareness Foundation in Kolkata, awakens awareness there and beyond with multiple biofield technologies, the heart-rate coherence tools of the Institute of HeartMath, and Gateway voyages he conducts throughout India for The Monroe Institute. It is our great pleasure to know and work with you both. We appreciate the light and love you give to the world.

Meeting of Hearts and Minds

Marie-Josee Druin (left) and Diane Durand, NeurOptimal and occupational therapists in Montreal, joined their wisdom, wit and joy with that of global NLP leader Krish Srikanth during an Awakened Mind practitioner training seminar held in the U.S. back in 2015.

Krish introduced us to Vilistus back in 2010 and to the excellent e-publisher that has made Max Cade's English and Spanish e-books -- and soon a Dutch edition -- a reality! When awakened people gather together, wonderful outcomes ensue.

Introducing...the Wizards of the MM6!

Software engineer Steve Clark (left) and electronics engineer Nigel Walker, shown here in their pastoral English Lake District surroundings, are the geniuses responsible for the creation of our superb new Mind Mirror. 


Steve is an extraordinarily creative and responsive code-builder who loves the challenge of new ideas.

Nigel is an equally brilliant, creative, and warm-hearted inventor of the hardware. Their willingness to customize and evolve the Mind Mirror 6 in tandem with our growing understanding of the dynamics of consciousness is rare indeed, and a great gift to us all.

Introducing...Cornerstones of the Awakened Mind

Peter Staples and Isabel Cade, widow of Max Cade, for several decades gave workshops in England on meditation and the discovery of the awakened mind pattern. Isabel passed on in 2015. We continue her rich legacy in this extraordinary work. She gave us permission to publish Max's lecture notes on our Research page and to record his unpublished meditations.


Peter Staples, a professional painter, continues to contribute his knowledge and expertise to the world of the Mind Mirror. Visit the webinar website to watch his March 2016 presentation on "The Awakened Mind as a Dynamic Whole-Body State." Peter worked with Vilistus in 2016 to develop the Temperature sensor's Emotional State (ES) Meter, a remarkable advancement in the practitioner's ability to reliably interpret states of consciousness. Thank you, Peter, for everything! 

Our Gang...Back in the Day

Isabel Cade (far left) gave us this photo. It was taken at a birthday party thrown by Anna Wise for British biophysicist and Mind Mirror inventor Max Cade, shown sitting next to Isabel with a headband of LED lights around his head. 


Anna (standing at center) crowned Max the King of Biofeedback. In our book, he still is.

Front row, sitting: Max Cade and Helen Stapleton, wife of electronics engineer and Mind Mirror inventor Geoffrey Blundell standing to the right of her. Back row, left to right: Isabel Cade, wife of Max Cade; fellow mind explorer Barbara Siddall; Anna Wise; and Geoff Blundell. These intrepid pioneers -- and all who worked with them -- each advanced  the world of mind research in dramatic and lasting ways.