Awakened Mind Training

Private Sessions

There is nothing more empowering than the realization that all of your questions and answers are within you.


Our awakened mind practitioners will help you discover and tap into your subconscious intelligence in deep meditations geared to your particular needs. Read more. Find a practitioner.

Group Trainings

Enjoy relaxation, self-discovery, healing and transformation meditations with a group of like-minded people.

Enlightening and highly affordable, group brainwave trainings enable you to make tremendous strides in awareness in only a day, weekend, or week.  Read more. Find a practitioner.

Corporate Training

In the business world, peak performance is the acknowledged fast-track to high employee productivity and lower product costs. Employees who are relaxed, focused and creative do the best work, enjoy their jobs more, and maintain good health. 

Contact us to discuss the implementation of a peak performance training program for your company, or how we can train your on-staff trainer to improve your bottom line.

Practitioner and Self-Trainer Programs

The Practitioner Training course is designed for people seeking a professional career in EEG awakened mind consciousness training. It is open to anyone with a background in the self-help disciplines who wishes to further awaken self and help others.


Seminars 1 and 2 are appropriate for self-trainers who want hands-on equipment and personalized meditation training for more rapid attainment of the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind brainwave patterns. Seminars 3 and 4, with their associated practicums, are intended for professional awakened mind trainers.


These four seminars offer affordable entry to a unique, rewarding career that makes a positive difference in people's lives. Read more. Find a trainer.