Self-Training Kit

EEG only

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 self-training program is designed for meditation and consciousness development in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Operating on the small, portable Vilistus neurofeedback/biofeedback device, the software is versatile, easy to use, and comes with advanced data analysis tools that make EEG biofeedback meditation training fascinating and enjoyable.


The Mind Mirror software provides real-time monitoring and feedback with audio rewards. Just hook up, press record, and relax. Your brain adjusts itself to win the musical rewards associated with the pattern you wish to attain. In addition to preliminary training patterns, four higher-state brainwave patterns include: 

  • Silent meditation
  • The awakened mind of creative flow and peak performance
  • The evolved mind of whole-brain synchrony, nonduality and transcendence
  • The gamma synchrony pattern of transcendence and creative/spiritual flow.

The software features variable challenge levels, a white pattern outline, and built-in musical rewards. The Mind Mirror Summary pinpoints the appropriate 10-1 training level and speeds up pattern attainment.

What's included in the Self-Training Kit?

The Self-Training Kit includes everything you need to get started: a 4-channel neurofeedback/biofeedback device, a dual-channel EEG sensor with five cables and 50 extra electrodes (all shown above from left to right), plus 50 pre-gelled electrodes for easy ground wire placement, paste, gel and hard-shell carry case. See photos and detailed descriptions of each item in the Self-Training Kit Catalog below.                                              (for one person)

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Price:  $1,895.00

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