"Find myself shifting..."

"Love this work for sure and finding myself shifting as I utilize these tools.  My general effect seems to be more focus and calm with a greater capacity to drop into meditation with ease."


 --J.E., entrepreneur, Canada 

"I know the Mind Mirror wasn't designed to remediate strokes, but..."

"...I’m convinced it is helping me a lot.  My left hand seems more connected to the rest of me since I started training again. The occupational therapy exercises are much easier, especially the ones I can practice while getting Mind Mirror rewards (from the self-training program). My cognition is also improving. I experience less stress and less brain fatigue."


--A.B., businessman, Connecticut


"Becoming an Awakened Mind practitioner has supported me to develop myself..."

‘I started my first (Practitioner Training) Seminar purely for myself, to learn about brainwaves, how to use the Mind Mirror and how to train my brainwaves. This first seminar made me so enthusiastic about the Awakened Mind method and the possibilities of the Mind Mirror that I decided to continue. I practiced my brainwave training and noticed how my mind became quieter, my meditations deepened, and my confidence during my meditations grew. And every next seminar, I made a leap in my development by doing and analyzing the meditations and received a huge download from Judith in knowledge and understanding of brainwaves and how to best develop them. Next to that, with every seminar I became more determined to use this knowledge and understanding to help others with it. During my last and fourth seminar, I received the self-confidence to actually start; I have chosen to focus on people with challenges around stress and anxiety, as that has been my own challenge in the past, while working in large corporate organizations. I am so grateful for everything Judith has taught me! Becoming an Awakened Mind Practitioner has supported me to develop myself to become a happier, healthier, and less stressed person with a clear ambition that is close to my heart. I really hope I will be able to do the same for others."


--Tessa van Nes, The Netherlands



"One of the finest methods I discovered is the Mind Mirror..."

"A twice-daily meditator since my  medical school days in the early 70s (having learned TM as a second-year student), I have over time grown very familiar with the beneficial subjective effects of meditation and many of the objective correlates of its practice. From the very beginning, I also attempted to explore the numerous paths available to accelerate the elevation of one's consciousness. One of the finest methods I discovered in this search is the Mind Mirror--originally developed by C. Maxwell Cade in the 70s, polished by Anna Wise through the 2000s, and further advanced (especially with today's great computer technology) by Judith Pennington. Very fortunate I am to have just completed a 5-day small group seminar given by Judith Pennington which combined the necessary knowledge, the experience, and the instructional use of the Mind Mirror. This experience indeed not only verified the blessings of my almost 50 years of meditation--most importantly, it has given me hope not merely for my continued growth, but for the advancement of our species and the world. Brain science truly is the future for a better humanity and this technology is a genuine quickening agent!"


--James B. Bray, MD  (Retired Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Chicago)

"This newly updated version of the Mind Mirror is so easy to use...

"...The MM6 even preserves the EEG parameters from the original research by Max Cade and Anna Wise used to explore the minds of healers and professionals who demonstrated peak performance in their areas of expertise.    


Through a combination of neurofeedback and mindfulness techniques created by Anna Wise, many of my clients suffering from PTSD and attachment disorders can now use biofeedback from the MM6 to develop their mind and brain in support of optimal mental and emotional function.


But you don't have to have serious emotional problems to benefit from the upgraded research-quality Mind Mirror. I can't wait to run small groups for anyone who might want to enrich their life, improve performance, or enhance creativity in their chosen area through an exploration of their own Awakened Mind."


 -- Robin Bernhard, LCSW, MEd, Virginia Neurofeedback Attachment and Trauma Center

"Learning how to manage my brain better is helping me be more productive...

"...and I am more at peace. Now that I know what normal should feel like it is easier to be aware of the aberrations that were my normal state of consciousness in the not too distant past.


I can usually devote at least 30 minutes a day to Mind Mirror training. I try to schedule my MM training sessions so that I do something difficult and/or important right after the session. Usually I will either work on my martial arts forms or do some programming. Both go more smoothly when I am able to do a session beforehand.


I had an experience last week when I was paired with a much more experienced fighter. I moved out of the way of a powerful kick that I sensed, but didn't see consciously. This was a round house kick. What is significant about this type of kick is that you can't see the beginning of the kick because the kicker's body blocks your view. More experienced fighters are more able to tune in with their peripheral vision, but I think their learning curve involves some powerful kicks to the head. The MM training is less painful.


I think the Seminar 1 training helped. I learned not only about how the brain works, but also how my brain works. Being able to combine the objective, number-driven feedback of the Mind Mirror with my subjective feelings is a very useful thing to do learn to do. The spiritual/emotional growth I experienced was at least as important to me. It was profound. I recommend it to every self-trainer."   


-- Alston Balkcom, insurance agent and web programmer, Bridgeport, Connecticut

"EEG awakened mind training is a kind of magic door...

...to different possibilities for solving personal problems and issues. It has changed my life and understanding of myself and the world completely!"

-- Natasha Achina, English high school teacher and interpreter, St. Petersburg, Russia

"The MM6 has come into my life at precisely the right juncture...

...As a fellow seeker of the deeper understanding of All that Is, the convergence of science and spirituality is made user-friendly and more affordable by the ingenious technology of the MM6.


The intelligent evolution of this marvelous device, since the 1970s, provides such a vast palette of investigative tools in which to observe deeply the inner workings of not only my brainwave frequency domains but brainwave states that reveal so much useful information for my self-training meditation sessions------even at micro second levels!  Fascinating, exciting and inspiring stuff!!


The device becomes even more comprehensive by including physiological analysis inputs of blood volume pulse and galvanic skin resistance to provide a more holistic picture of what the mind and body are doing during the session recordings and playbacks.


The various summary screens impart so much data that it seems impossible NOT to advance in my meditation sessions.  I personally feel that by getting to know all of the diagnostic capabilities of the MM6, working with it diligently, and ultimately using it in creative and intuitive ways--------I simply cannot fail to reach my meditative goals!  And------it’s already happening!!!  Kudos to Vilistus and all who helped make this a reality (or should I say, a dream come true!!!)

-- Marvin Jolly, professional musician, Buffalo, NY

"I have learnt and taught various change, healing and self-improvement modalities for many years. This has helped me achieve consistent results...

...(often considered as remarkable/miraculous by my clients and students). I was always interested to know how these modalities and techniques were helping me and others.


Since I am an Electronics Engineer and MBA, I felt that I could use technology to understand what was going on inside me and others during changes, healing, blissful moments and so on. I was intuitively guided to study and work with the Mind Mirror EEG and was blessed to learn from Judith Pennington. I was amazed by her dedication and commitment towards this work and enjoyed her wonderful way of teaching.


The results of the Mind Mirror EEG were quite remarkable as they indicated the brain states accurately and dynamically. Now, I use Mind Mirror EEG as a very powerful tool to bring about profound transformation in my coaching clients and students." 


-- Amit Kohli, New Delhi, India

Personal & Business Success & Transformation Coach, Instructor & Trainer


“I enjoyed the supportive, loving environment of the practitioner training most of all...

... Everything had rhyme and reason and was highly integrated, with the technical linked through to the spiritual, the subjective experience to the objective brainwave patterns. Yet the training also left lots of room for flow. You don’t just come and learn something, you grow. That makes me comfortable to go out into the world and empower others to access their own resources and consciously evolve.


Personally, I gained a better sense of who I am. I experienced a great healing, much greater balance and harmony, the sense that all is right in the world and everything fits together. I also gained a sense of peace, because viewing my world through this new set of eyes allowed me to understand where I fit in.


The unlimited possibilities of insights that can be gained through exploration with the Mind Mirror seem unlimited, unboundaried. The Mind Mirror is an exciting tool to support the arising changes in consciousness that I believe are increasing, accelerating worldwide."

-- Noella Mitchell, Melbourne, Australia

Holistic counselor and Reiki healer/teacher 

"One of the challenges of abstract painting and figure drawing is knowing...

...when to stop, keep going or start all over. But now, using the new Mind Mirror 6 makes it really easy to hook myself up to check my brainwave patterns before, sometimes during, and after I finish a painting or drawing to see if my patterns are in an optimum creative state (awakened or evolved pattern). I've done enough now to know when I'm "feeling" it: when to stop or just keep exploring other options. 


This brainwave experiment only confirms my own intuition of the bliss state. I know I can teach it to others and plan to offer creative brainwave feedback workshops (concept, design, writing, photography, drawing, video, programming, business planning, etc.) with continuous hookup and monitoring for four people at a time. Smaller equipment now makes it a lot easier to travel with. Thanks!"


-- George Pierson, artist, awakened mind practitioner and founder of Creative Mindflow,

Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C.

"The Mind Mirror is an invaluable biofeedback tool for any serious meditator or consciousness explorer...

"... Having previously taken the slow road to experience cosmic consciousness, the Mind Mirror has permitted me unparalleled confidence in following the path back to my True Nature, something that I know will enhance my work as a creative consultant, as a therapist and in my life as a sentient, empathic being.


Since beginning self-training with the Mind Mirror, I have noticed many spontaneous recurrences of the Awakened Mind entering into my client sessions in addition to an increased ease in honing the altered state with every passing month of self-training. Deepening meditative and hypnotic states has never been so easy!


Beyond satiating the curiosity of being able to see how hemispheric dominance alters between contemplating a mathematical equation or imagining a familiar tune playing in your head, the MM6 provides invaluable data that will literally shed years off the trial and error meditation method of merely hoping you are doing it right.


This marvelous product will let you know what really works for you and will liberate you from any commitment you may have made to meditative methods that you don't yet know aren't working for you. Thanks to the MM6 I am constantly discovering more of my capacity to elicit states of bliss and learning to quieten my monkey mind.......never again will I wonder if I'm making progress - I know I am. This was an awesome investment!!" 


-- David Fairweather, PhD, Clinical Hypnotist and Certified Psychotherapist, Toronto Canada

"Wonderful stuff! ...

...You folks have succeeded in generating a package which is a real gift to the field. Thanks. I feel fortunate to have such a useful tool in my hands!!!" 


-- Nick Goloff, retired engineer, business owner and self-trainer

"Sometime in college I began a trek toward finding out what really is going on...

... in the world around me; searching for what it really is and isn't and what life may or may not be about. Looking into research in consciousness, I was naturally led toward working with the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, a device enabling the human race to gauge, landmark and further understand their conscious experience.    


The MM6 is a powerful device in the progression of human consciousness and alongside this ever-improving technology, I can only postulate on future endeavors that will trace back to the Vilistus Mind Mirror."   


-- Joshua Lewis, post-graduate music specialist and English teacher in Spain

"What I liked best about the training was your attention to detail...

...as well as your informative and direct instruction on how to use the Mind Mirror. Your compassion when dealing with emotional content made you a joy to be around.

Right from the very first moment of our arrival I felt welcomed and a sense of peace. Your demeanor and overall personality was warm and comforting, making the interpretations of the meditations easy and a pleasure to discuss. Overall, with each session I felt a sense of better understanding of myself and my spiritual awareness. I felt comfortable asking questions and even more comfortable with your responses to those questions. I came kind of uncertain of what to expect, but I am leaving with much more self-awareness and feel I have become more centered, balanced, and emotionally fulfilled as I have ever felt.

Thank you for being such a wonderful host and a great teacher. I feel confident that I will have no problem continuing my daily meditations and that I will be able to use the Vilistus without hiccups due to your instruction. Overall just an amazing experience."

-- K.W., medical marijuana caregiver, Maine

"What I liked best about the training was the 1-on-1 development and instruction time...

...I got a lot of information about myself and how I will be able to further develop my abilities as well as help other people develop theirs. I think the Mind Mirror is an excellent tool to help speed the evolution of mankind."


-- Ryan Tardif, president, Green Energy Solutions, Auburn, Maine

"Meditations are made easy with the Mind Mirror...

... Training with it has resulted in rapid acquisition of awareness for deep relaxation and moments of the awakened mind. Both for me and for my 73-year-old mom!"


-- Carolina Floyd, biofeedback therapist, Canada

"This equipment (the Mind Mirror, GSR and BVP) has taught me...

... a thousand times more than I expected. I am thrilled to have lowered my blood pressure 30 points during one of your guided meditations."


-- Pat G, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"Getting the EEG feedback showed me clearly where I want to go in meditation...

... I needed that sense of direction. I have never been so centered. I have not even known what it was to be centered before this. Brainwave training on the Mind Mirror is an extremely valuable experience!"


-- DMA, psychologist and teacher, Blairstown, Pennsylvania

"This is the most important work on the planet...

...The Mind Mirror and my trainer helped me find a 'lost' piece of myself and gave me the tools to find it, if I ever lose it again. I have tried many techniques, but nothing compares to this. It was invaluable. Thank you so much."


-- Joanne Healey, professional artist, Sarasota, Florida

"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful training seminar we had last week...

... I left with a new energy and a great deal of motivation. The training helped me move forward a little bit more on that yellow brick road of growth, with love and pleasure.


I am so grateful and happy to start my journey with the Mind Mirror to work with other people."


-- Marie Josee Drouin, neurofeedback and occupational therapist, Montreal, Canada

"Before the (Seminar 1 and 2) trainings, I had many questions about myself and the Mind Mirror...

... and now I have found answers to all of them. I know now that I can manage my gamma (frequencies) better. I feel very happy because it's a new start for me.


Many changes came about for me during the Seminar 1 and 2 trainings. Being in the vibration of my trainer and her home increased certain things in me. It's been a powerful experience and I know that I changed a lot."


-- Guylaine Sallafranque, professional intuitive channel, Quebec City, Canada

"In Seminar 1, I received a deeper understanding of brainwaves and the extreme value...

... of the information available through brainwaves. The seminar was designed to accommodate each individual's needs.


The group setting was a great way to expand our understanding of the meditation experience and how to use my Mind Mirror for self-training and with others. I highly appreciate the multiple perspectives offered throughout the journey into this information."


-- JEA, musician, surfer, and sound healer, Asheville, North Carolina

"I believe it has opened some 'doors of perception' for me... 

"The Seminar 1 training was a very positive and enjoyable week. I got a lot out of what we studied together. I believe it has opened some 'doors of perception' for me that I am going to further pursue with the Mind Mirror.


I am very appreciative of the manual that was provided and supplemented during the week. Above all, I enjoyed the trainer’s warmth and passion about her calling. She is obviously dedicated to carrying on this special work. I loved her references to Anna Wise and Maxwell Cade, which made us feel that we are part of a lineage, and appreciated how she opened her home in such an extraordinary way - wonderful meals, beautiful surroundings.


Thank you for introducing us all to this new language, this new way of perceiving."


-- Warren Anderson, environmental attorney, Sarasota, Florida

“Seminar 1 was a life-changing experience...

... I acquired a lot of knowledge and confidence in using the (Mind Mirror) equipment and software. It was a self-transforming experience - knowing myself better and understanding my brainwaves.”


-- Diane Durand, neurofeedback and occupational therapist, Montreal, Canada