The Practitioner Kit


Professionals and self-trainers use the Practitioner Kit's EEG, GSR and BVP sensors to measure and train deep, profound levels of relaxation and meditation that reduce stress, synchronize the body-mind, awaken awareness, and expand consciousness. The integrated Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor tracks relaxation and correlates with the EEG-mapped descent into meditation. The Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) sensor tracks and trains heart rate, heart-rate variability, stress index, and resonant frequency tuning of the heart and breath.  See the software.

The research-grade Practitioner Kit features an at-home EEG self-training program consisting of visual and auditory cues, variable challenge levels, and advanced analytical tools. In addition preliminary training protocols for new meditators and an add-on feature for self-designed patterns, the Mind Mirror self-training program includes protocols for four ideal brainwave patterns:

  • Silent Meditation
  • Awakened Mind of clarity, creativity, insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness
  • Evolved Mind of non-duality and unity consciousness
  • Gamma Synchrony pattern of superconscious self-realization.

What's included in the Practitioner Kit?

The Practitioner Kit includes everything you need to get started: (from left to right) the 4-port Digital Sampling Unit; dual-hemisphere 5-electrode EEG sensor measuring 0.5-100 hertz; GSR sensor; BVP sensor; and 40 reusable electrodes (used four at a time for up to six or seven sessions). Also included in the kit: extender cable, 50 one-time-use pre-gelled electrodes, paste, gel and hard-shell carry case. See the Practitioner Kit Catalog below for details. Optional add-ons: the Manual Trigger Button (sets markers) and sEMG and Temperature sensors.        

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Price: $2,695.00

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Optional Add-Ons (see below)

* Mind Mirror Features Pack:  $230.00

* Dry Electrodes Kit: $129


The Mind Mirror Features Pack enhances the capabilities of all sensors. It includes:

  • Coherence Reports showing inter-hemispheric brainwave coherence in four different formats;
  • The Pattern Editor, which allows you to self-train brainwave patterns of your own design;
  • Resonant Frequency Tuning with the BVP sensor for increasing heart coherence and heart-rate variability;
  • The Emotional State (ES) Meter, derived from simultaneous use of a GSR and Temperature sensor, for monitoring client wakefulness and self-training relaxed, attentive awareness;
  • Voice Synchronization, which records verbal meditation guidance or notes into the session.

The Dry Electrodes Kit consists of four leads that plug into the Vilistus EEG sensor and allow for a saline-based hookup with no skin prep or clean-up after the session. Watch a video.


Can I measure more people simultaneously?

Yes, you can. The unit has four ports, so you could measure:  

  • 1 person with EEG, GSR and BVP
  • 2 people with EEG and GSR or BVP
  • up to 4 people with EEG or GSR or BVP

Package for two people:

add an optional available dual-channel EEG sensor, GSR and/or BVP

Package for up to four people:

add up to three additional dual-channel EEG sensors or GSR or BVP