Previous Versions of the Mind Mirror

Mind Mirror III

Some awakened mind practitioners still use the Mind Mirror III console invented and manufactured by electronic engineer Neil Hancock, the nephew of Geoffrey Blundell, co-inventor of the original Mind Mirror 1 and 2 versions.


Neil Hancock no longer manufactures or repairs the Mind Mirror III. However, units occasionally become available; contact us to inquire about these.


Neil Hancock advised Judith Pennington and Vilistus software engineer Steve Clark on the development of the Mind Mirror 6 and approved its electronic specifications. 

Mind Mirror 4 and 5

The Mind Mirror 4 and its successor, the Mind Mirror 5, a medical-grade EEG manufactured by Thought Technology and approved by Neil Hancock, is still available.


We work with Thought Technology to update the Mind Mirror software and provide downloads for the ProComp 2, 5 and 8.


If you are a medical professional, check with your insuror to determine whether you need a medical-grade EEG in order to comply with insurance coverage requirements.


For more information on the Mind Mirror 5 or to purchase the Mind Mirror software for the ProComp's BioGraph Infiniti system, please contact us.