The best research on the Awakened Mind and associated patterns is found in the seminal books authored by C. Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise.


Our Meditation Research page cites a few of hundreds of scientific studies which agree with our findings on meditation's effect on the brain and consciousness.


On the Max Cade Papers page we proudly present a collection of unpublished lectures on a wide variety of subjects, from the results of overbreathing and the types of yoga to higher states of consciousness seen on the Mind Mirror.


Our newest research page is Mind Mirror Studies, featuring studies performed on the Mind Mirror by certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainers. Please visit again to see more informal studies currently being compiled and conducted.


IAM has many exciting ideas for collaborative projects with leading research labs. Crowd-sourced contributions that will help us bring these studies to fruition are most welcome.


Email us if you have questions or want to contribute to our research efforts in any way.