The Qualities of Mastery

Anna Wise wrote in her book, The High-Performance Mind, that awakened people are high achievers who are often at the top of their professions. These excited, enthusiastic, and successful people enjoy an "ah-ha" experience of life filled with a steady stream of creative insights and peak moments of happiness and bliss. They are masters of their minds and lives.

What is the meaning of mastery?

Mastery, according to Wise, means being able to access the state of consciousness that is appropriate for the given moment in order to achieve a desired goal.


How does one attain mastery? First by developing the awakened mind pattern and, second, by using it to do the work of personal and spiritual transformation. This enables the brain/mind to amplify itself into:


  • the whole-brain synchrony of the evolved mind pattern of bliss, unity, illumination and spiritual ecstasy
  • the gamma frequencies of the superconscious mind of attentional awareness, compassion, transcendence and mystical union
  • the gamma frequencies of universal, or cosmic, consciousness.

No matter what their spiritual orientation, if any, awakened people are happily devoted to conscious evolution. It is a simple, life-enhancing process: they quiet the mind, go within, and retrieve insights that turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. The result is a joyful, fulfilling, self-actualized, abundant life.

What does the awakened mind of mastery feel like?

Wonderful. It's just like Mind Mirror inventor Max Cade said: in awakening more fully to inner, outer and universal realities, we fall in love with our true self, nature and all of life. Life is glorious and worth living no matter what occurs. 


In the light of the deeper, transcendent self are higher perspectives that dissolve duality, judgment, conflict and fear. There is nothing to fear when we can so easily tap into a limitless supply of what's needed to live in grace and ease.


It's no wonder that awakened people are so excited and happy. They see the infinite possibilities within themselves and everyone and everything else. Consequently, they live in personal freedom with sovereignty over their lives.

What are the characteristics of a fully awakened person?

  • the ability to live fully in the present moment
  • an enhanced sense of reality and discernment
  • an aesthetic appreciation of nature, art and life
  • compassion, empathy and non-judgment  
  • loving and generous service to other people and the world
  • purposeful and rewarding relationships without attachments or dependency
  • detachment from conflicts and the ability to resolve them peacefully
  • indifference to societal roles, wealth, status and acclaim
  • spontaneous peak experiences in waking life
  • a dream life that provides personal and spiritual guidance, often in lucid dreams
  • heightened intuition and a steady stream of intuitive insights
  • an enjoyment of "flow": happy and light, the awakened person knows what to do next and how to do it
  • a devotion to contemplation and the inner world of the spirit
  • awareness of a benevolent universal force or energy that is the source of all good.

In essence, awakened people are compassionate, empathetic and helpful, warm, kind, peaceful, and balanced. They are perceptive, insightful, and do not criticize, judge or blame others.


Nor does the awakened person attempt to control the thoughts or actions of other people, but rather is naturally devoted to love and service arising from a deep, heartfelt devotion to humanity and universal consciousness.