The research-grade Vilistus digital sampling unit (DSU) transfers data at the standard EEG rate of 256 samples per second.


Small and easily transported, this neurofeedback/biofeedback device operates on USB connectivity. It features four data ports used for EEG and/or physiology meters.  

Research-grade Vilistus Mind Mirror digital sampling unit

EEG with Integrated Physiology Meters

The Vilistus Mind Mirror features a dual-channel EEG sensor that plugs into one port of the DSU and measures from 0.5 to 100 hertz, which includes all gamma frequencies. The EEG sensor is integrated with two physiology sensors: Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Blood Volume Pulse (BVP).  Professionals and self-trainers use these sensors to master brainwave states of consciousness, regulate the body, and make new discoveries about the body-mind correlates of consciousness.  

The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) meter

The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) meter - The Mind Mirror

is calibrated to the ultra-sensitive Electrical Skin Response (ESR) meter used by Max Cade to measure physical arousal/relaxation. Electrodes taped to two fingertips measure changes in skin conductance (uSiemens) or skin resistance (Ohms) values.


The GSR's 0-6 Lesh scale provides absolute arousal and relaxation values. Correlated by Cade to EEG production, Lesh scale readings allow the meditator to use GSR only and extrapolate brainwave states of consciousness.

The Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) meter,

The Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) meter - The Mind Mirror

a light-sensitive electrode clipped to the ear or little finger, tracks heart/pulse rate changes in real-time. Post-session summary view windows show pulse rate, heart rate variability, and stress index in segments or the entire session as a means of measuring inner peace, calm and health.


Used individually or together, the GSR and BVP enable users to gain insights into the dynamics of consciousness and regulate the body as well as the mind.

Manual Trigger Button

Image Of The Mind Mirror's Manual Trigger Button

The optional Manual Trigger Button, placed in the lap, is pressed to set event markers in the recording without creating movement artifact and beta-wave activity. Markers enable meditators to match their subjective experiences with the objective data. 

Additional Sensors

  • sEMG sensor for direct application on muscles to monitor and training down localized tension.
  • Temperature sensor signals the onset of meditation (warming) or sleep (cooling) and is used in combination with the GSR for measurements in the Emotional State Meter, part of the add-on Mind Mirror Features Pack (a cost of 150 GBP).
  • Mind Slice is a USB-powered device that sits anywhere in the room and lights up with variable colors to provide direct visual EEG feedback during waking states.

"...Once the student becomes aware of what's going on inside his body, which is what the machine tells him, he can begin to associate these changes in body functions with subtle changes in his conscious feelings - his subjective awareness...

After the student finds he is able to use his own awareness and feelings to tell him his internal functions (which is sensory biofeedback) he no longer needs an external device to feed external signals back to him."

 -- Max Cade, "A Short History of Biogenics: Mind and Self-Regulation"

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