Practitioner Directory ~ Canada

Toronto, Ontario

David Fairweather

Telephone: +1 (416) 820 3686




Specialties: Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching; expert on stress and anxiety as well as creativity.



Certified in May of 2016, David is a talented writer, speaker, musician, and composer and producer of a wide array of hypnotherapy tracks which benefit his international following. His kind and generous mind and heart are valued by his many clients and honored by IAM as a great asset to this work.

Région de Québec

Guylaine Sallafranque

Telephone: (418) 243-1900




Specialties: Biofeedback Therapist Cardiac Coherence (training in progress) with Heart Coherence for children, Brain Gym specialist, sleep disorders, Applied Neuroscience Practitioner, psychological-spiritual guide, professional channel.



Certified in 2015, Guylaine is a prolific author of spiritual books and CDs. An organizational wizard with an eye for innovation, she brings the French joie de vivre and a spirit of pure love to this work.