Practitioner Directory

You are warmly invited to browse this international directory of EEG awakened mind practitioners to schedule a private sessiongroup brainwave training, corporate training, or practitioner training seminar. Practitioners are listed by country and/or by region or state in the submenus at left.


All awakened mind practitioners offer private sessions of EEG-monitored meditation geared to mental training, self-discovery, healing and transformation. Besides leading people into the Awakened Mind pattern for creativity, insight and healing, some practitioners specialize in peak performance training for corporations, sports teams, visual artists, and performing artists in music, dance and theater. 


A few practitioners specialize in the fields of intuition, healing, spiritual awakening, and non-duality. Others travel internationally and are actively engaged in teaching and research. Explain your needs to the practitioner to find a good match. You can also contact a certified Awakened Mind Coach for a private session, although not for a group brainwave training event. 

Practitioner and Coach Trainers Judith Pennington, Gary Groesbeck, Donna Bach, and James Ripley assisted Anna Wise during her seminars at the Esalen Institute and received other special training from her. They are available for questions about this work. Please see below for contact information on these and other practitioner and coach trainers. Or simply book a session with a practitioner or coach near you.


Our special thanks to James MacRitchie for his good qi in compiling this Practitioner Directory. Stay tuned -- our numbers are rapidly increasing all over the world.

Practitioner & Coach Trainers

If you wish to take up a career as an Awakened Mind Practitioner or Coach working with individuals, groups and/or research, the following trainers are authorized by IAM to train and certify you. Their per-seminar rates and content can differ, so please be sure to inquire about that. The specialties listed in each trainer's section will help you find the person who best suits your needs.

Judith Pennington

Founder, Institute for the Awakened Mind

5752 Shady Lane

Bath, Pennsylvania, USA 18014

Tel: +1 (610) 570-1107




Specialties:  Awakened Mind Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer, co-developer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 software and the Mind Mirror Portal, author of two books on meditation and the expansion of consciousness and seven guided meditation albums available in the Mind Mirror Portal. Author of the Mind Mirror 6 User Manual and Practitioner Training Manual. Private, group, and corporate trainings; research on healers and remote viewing/out-of-body journeys during The Monroe Institute's Discovery programs. Language: English.

Oxana Bondarchuk

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia and Moscow, Russia




Specialties: Awakened Mind Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer, Group Brainwave Trainings, Corporate Trainings, Private Sessions for Personal Transformation, Creativity, Intuition and Flow, Spiritual Awakening, Peak Performance. Languages: English and Russian. 

Suzanne Tempel

Ploegschaar 32

3763ZW Soest

Regio Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 628 12 4117




Specialties:  Awakened Mind Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer, Private Sessions for Personal Transformation, Creativity, Intuition and Flow, Business Performance, Spiritual Awakening and Evolving Consciousness for Healers, Mediums and long-term Meditators. See also Practitioner Directory and Coach DirectoryLanguages: Dutch, English, and German. 

Arne Heissel

Quantum and Heart

Berlin, Germany

Tel.: +49 179 3665909




Specialties: Awakened Mind Trainer and Practitioner Trainer with a focus on states of consciousness mastery and soul purification. Trauma energy healing (collective, epigenetic, past lives, pre- and perinatal, current life) to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health dimensions. Unconscious mind re-programming. Psychedelic trip preparation and integration as well as psychedelic emergency support. Technologies used: Vilistus MM6 EEG, HeartMath HRV, Verim GSR, guided and unguided meditations, brainwave music, audio visual entertainment, subtle energy. Mission: Transforming human capacity and health to accelerate the transition to a peaceful, collaborative and sustainable world. Languages: German and English. 

Thipphavanh Deovan

Valbonne, France
Tel: +33 6 61 87 85 88



Awakened Mind Practitioner, Meditation teacher, Yoga Nidra teacher, Qi Gong practitioner, EFT practitioner, Shiatsu and Singing Bowls therapist.  Leads groups in swimming with dolphins. Specialties: energy healing and guiding people through personal transformation and spiritual growth to help them unlock their underlying potential.  Languages: French and English.