Mind Mirror Specifications

Operating System

The Vilistus Mind Mirror is designed to work on Windows PCs ranging from XP to Windows 10. Mac users successfully run the program with Parallels for the installation of Windows.

Recommended and Optional Equipment

Batteries and Digital Voltmeter

We recommend the purchase of 1.5V lithium batteries or high-capacity NiMH rechargable batteries for the Vilistus DSU and a digital voltmeter for checking battery charge before each session.

USB Emissions Filter

Customers using USB connectivity between the Digital Sampling Unit (DSU, or encoder) are advised to purchase a USB Emissions Filter to reduce electrical noise and sound wave vibrations that could influence the highest frequencies in the Mind Mirror pattern.

Manual Trigger Button

Dedicated self-trainers often purchase the optional Manual Trigger Button to set event markers in sessions without creating movement artifact and externalized beta waves. Without this device, markers are set by pressing the Space bar or Enter key.

Temperature and sEMG Sensors

Email Judith to learn more about additional sensors integrated with the Mind Mirror EEG, including sEMG and Temperature sensors. The Temp sensor comes with an Emotional State (ES) meter that tracks progress toward or away from deep meditation. The sEMG sensor is placed on specific sites on the body or head for the purpose of direct muscle tension reduction.

Mind Slice

The Mind Slice is a USB-powered device that sits anywhere in the room and lights up with variable colors to provide direct visual EEG feedback.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

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