Mind Mirror Specifications

Operating System

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is designed to work on Windows laptops with operating systems ranging from XP to Windows 11. Mac users successfully run the software with programs allowing for the installation of Windows.


• Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2 applied) or above, including Windows 11

• 1.4Ghz AMD or Intel Processor

• 512 MB of Memory

• 10Gb of free space on your hard drive to allow for biometric data

• 16-bit sound card

• 1 USB port for the 4-port encoder (DSU)

• XGA Graphics card 

• 15” Monitor with <10Ms response

Recommended and Optional Equipment

USB Emissions Filter

USB connectivity between the Digital Sampling Unit (DSU, or encoder) requires the purchase of an emissions filter to reduce electrical noise and sound wave vibrations that could influence the highest frequencies in the 100Hz EEG sensor. Purchased for $69 from Amazon or locally. 

Dry Electrodes Kit

The Dry Electrodes Kit, a cleaner and faster hookup, is an optional alternative to the paste-and-gel hookup. The kit comes with a bottle of saline spray, a headband embedded with electrodes lasting between eight and 10 sessions, and 21 spare electrodes. The cost is $129 plus shipping. See a video

Manual Trigger Button

Dedicated self-trainers often purchase the optional Manual Trigger Button, a button held in the lap to set event markers in recordings without creating movement artifact and externalized beta waves. Without this device, markers are set by pressing the Space bar or Enter key. $200.

sEMG Sensor

The sEMG sensor is used to identify and reduce muscle tension anywhere on the body.


Temperature Sensor

A highly sensitive thermocouple measures peripheral temperature within the recording for later comparison with other physiology sensors and EEG. The temperature sensor reveals whether the meditator is deepening (warming) or falling asleep (cooling).

Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Effective November 17, 2021
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