Self-Trainer Programs

The Self-Training Program is designed for Mind Mirror owners who wish to study with an expert in hardware and software usage. This cognitive study is interspersed with a series of mind-awakening meditations which provide the brainwave data analyzed by the teacher and student.


The 4.5-day Self-Training Program, focused entirely on the student's needs, smoothly integrates hands-on experience of the software with a personal meditation retreat.


The self-trainer learns:

  • the basics of Awakened Mind theory
  • how to hook up to the various sensors (EEG, GSR and BVP)
  • how to set up the hardware and computer
  • software usage and all data analysis tools
  • how to read, interpret and advance his/her brainwave patterns and states of consciousness.

At the end of the program, the self-trainer receives a set of recommendations for further consciousness development.


This program, when scheduled for the full 4.5 days, is equivalent to the first seminar in the Practitioner Training Program. For those with time constraints, fewer than 4.5 days can be scheduled.


Visit the Practitioner Directory to find a qualified teacher who will meet your needs.