Awaken your mind...

Would you like to relax, reduce stress, and self-regulate your body, mind and emotions? Meditate the most efficient and effective way? Find creative solutions to questions, issues and challenges? Improve your health? Increase your peace? Unlock the mysteries of your mind to fully awaken your power and potential?  


Brainwave biofeedback meditation -- the scientific fast-track to conscious evolution -- will help you achieve all of this and more. Book a private, group or corporate training with one of our certified awakened mind practitioners. Or train yourself for creative flow and peak performance with our revolutionary at-home self-training system, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6


Whether you awaken your mind on your own or with one of our practitioners, this pathway to deep, profound meditation and higher states of awareness is certain to be the most exciting and rewarding journey that you will ever take.

Who we are

The Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) is dedicated to EEG awakened mind meditation as the means to personal and global transformation.


What we do

We awaken awareness with the Mind Mirror EEG in private, group and corporate trainings. Our practitioner courses lead people to exciting  and rewarding careers!

About us

Founded by Judith Pennington,

IAM is an international consortium of certified awakened mind trainers using EEG-monitored meditation to expand human consciousness. 

Self-training for peak performance

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6

Video of Mind Mirror awakened mind pattern

Safe and easy to use, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is a state-of-the-art neurofeedback/biofeedback device. Direct audio-visual feedback in the self-training program progressively ushers new and seasoned meditators into three ideal brainwave patterns: the open flow of an optimal meditation state, the awakened mind of peak performance (shown at left), and the evolved mind of bliss, oneness and illumination.


In the relaxed depths of your subconscious you will find creative insights that lead you to the full power and potential of your mind and life. 


The Mind Mirror 6 is the most affordable, compact, and versatile (real) EEG in the marketplace. Built on 40 years of authoritative research, this state-of-the-art technology offers integrated EEG and physiology (mind-body) measurements, sophisticated user controls, and advanced data analysis tools. The easy-to-use Mind Mirror 6 depicts the activities of consciousness with such startling precision that users are easily able to adjust their relaxation levels and brainwave patterns to ideal states of awareness.


Custom designed by and available exclusively through IAM, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is helping people optimize and evolve faster than ever before. Read what they say!

"The present wave of interest in higher states of consciousness and the exploration of the inner worlds now sweeping the West has a deeper-rooted cause than is usually understood by those engaged in the study of the human mind.

This is not just a passing phase, a fashionable switch of interest from the material to the spiritual. It is a part of human evolution; the point where consciousness turns its search on to itself to unravel its own mystery."

Congratulations, David Fairweather!


IAM is pleased to announce the certification of Toronto-based psychotherapist, hypnotist and coach David Fairweather as an Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer. David is the first licensed therapist in Ontario who is fully certified in EEG-led meditation and consciousness development using the Anna Wise brainwave training protocols.


He plans to use the Mind Mirror to broaden the scope of his professional practice and is currently weaving Awakened Mind training protocols into his corporate wellness workshops.


David is fast becoming a leader in this work by extending IAM's social media outreach to help us better serve the world. We thank you, David, for your many strengths and your commitment! 


Visit David's Facebook page to watch some short, fun clips made with Judith Pennington about his certification training, professional recording voice, and the technological evolution of the Mind Mirror. And be sure to watch his adroit three-minute Mind Mirror hookup on IAM's YouTube channel. Contact him via this link.


Congratulations, Suzanne Tempel!


IAM is pleased to announce the certification of Netherlands native Suzanne Tempel by German practitioner trainer Andrea Groh.


Suzanne brings sound skills to IAM. She earned a master’s degree in coaching and is a Licensed NLP Practitioner. Beginning in 2001, she worked in a variety of international companies as an operations manager, and in 2008 became an independent coach and interim (change) manager.


An intuitive healer and reader throughout her life, she was also a professional dancer appearing onstage in theaters and on television. During her thirties, she studied for five years at the Art Academy in Rotterdam. She has worked for many years on evolving her consciousness.


We welcome you, Suzanne, and applaud your certification as an Awakened Mind Coach! She is the first person listed in IAM's new practitioner category of Coach, which qualifies her to provide private Mind Mirror sessions for clients and to teach Awakened Mind principles.


Click here for contact details. See below to attend her September lectures!  

Upcoming Events


Introduction to the Awakened Mind - Free!

By Suzanne Tempel, Awakened Mind Coach

September 8, 10 and 27, 2016

Location: ‘de Peperlink,’ Vuurplaat 83, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Interactive lectures on the different stages of consciousness. The opening, one-day lecture on Sept. 8 offers in- depth information on Awakened Mind theory and meditation practices, with a live demonstration of the Mind Mirror by a volunteer. For more information, please contact Suzanne.

New e-books available!

Max Cade's ground-breaking book, The Awakened Mind, a masterwork on the psycho-physiology of EEG and higher states of consciousness, is now available as an e-book in English and in Spanish as "El despertar de la mente." Download your copy today!


Stay tuned for an upcoming translation into French.