Practitioner Directory

You are warmly invited to browse this international directory of EEG awakened mind practitioners to schedule a private sessiongroup brainwave training, corporate training, or practitioner training seminar


All awakened mind practitioners offer private sessions of EEG-monitored meditation geared to mental training, self-discovery, healing and transformation. Besides leading people into the Awakened Mind pattern for creativity, insight and healing, some practitioners specialize in peak performance training for corporations, sports teams, visual artists, and performing artists in music, dance and theater. 


A few practitioners specialize in the fields of intuition, healing, spiritual awakening, and non-duality. Others travel internationally and are actively engaged in teaching and research. Explain your needs to the practitioner to find a good match. You can also contact a certified Awakened Mind Coach for a private session, although not for a group brainwave training event. 

Practitioner and Coach Trainers Judith Pennington, Gary Groesbeck, Donna Bach, and James Ripley assisted Anna Wise during her seminars at the Esalen Institute and received other special training from her. They are available for questions about this work. Please see below for contact information on these and other practitioner and coach trainers.


Our special thanks to James MacRitchie for his good qi in compiling this Practitioner Directory. Stay tuned--our numbers are rapidly growing.

Certified Practitioner & Coach Trainers

Judith Pennington

Founder, Institute for the Awakened Mind

5752 Shady Lane

Bath, PA 18014

Tel: +1 (610) 570-1107




Specialties:  Co-developer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 software, assistant to Anna Wise for four years at Esalen Institute. Practitioner and Coach Trainer; Private, Group, and Corporate Trainings; Research.

Andrea Groh

Habergasse 7

96047 Bamberg

Tel: +49 170 95 43 888




Specialties: Practitioner and Coach Trainer, Group Brainwave Trainings and Private Sessions

for Personal Transformation, Creativity, Intuition and Flow, Spiritual Awakening, and Peak Performance in Music, Singing and Photography, Neurofeedback and Clinical Q.

Languages: English and German.

Suzanne Tempel

Ertsstraat 16

3072 AB Rotterdam

Tel: +31 628 12 4117




Specialties:  Coach Trainer, Private Sessions for Personal Transformation, Creativity, Intuition and Flow, Business Performance, Spiritual Awakening and Evolving Consciousness for Healers, Mediums and long-term Meditators. See also Coach Directory.

Languages: Dutch, English and German


Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach

Integral Awakened Mind
P.O. Box 3840
Sonora, CA  95370
Tel: 209-984-8950




Specialties: Practitioner and Coach Trainers, Group Brainwave Trainings, Fusion of EFT and Contemplative Neurofeedback, Witnessing and Non-Dual States within an Integral framework.

James Ripley

102 Goatbarn Lane

Boulder, CO 80302

Tel: 720-231-7900




Specialties:  Practitioner and Coach Trainer, Group Brainwave Trainings, Electro-acupuncture.

Uses Mind Mirror 5 technology.