Guided Meditations

Enjoy these free, downloadable guided meditations, provided at no cost as examples of how to relax the body and expand awareness into the brainwave pattern of the ideal Awakened Mind meditation state.


Max Cade's meditations, recorded on cassette during a visit to the Scottish isle of Iona, were provided to IAM by Awakened Mind researcher Peter Staples. 


Visit the Books, CDs and Videos page of this website for guided meditations by Anna Wise and Judith Pennington.

C. Maxwell Cade

Autogenic Relaxation to Still the Mind
Guided relaxation through the body with affirmations of wholeness: 17:43 minutes
Autogenic Relaxation to Still the Mind.m
MP3 Audio File 20.3 MB
Exercise in Recognition of the Central Non-Physical Self (Disidentification)
Guided disidentification: 3:12 minutes
Exercise in Recognition of the Central N
MP3 Audio File 3.7 MB

Progressive Relaxation and Ease
Length: 4:22 minutes
Progressive Relaxation and Ease.mp3
MP3 Audio File 5.0 MB
Length: 3:27 minutes
MP3 Audio File 3.9 MB

Sensory Sequences for Alpha Development
Length: 13:25
Sensory Sequences for Alpha Development.
MP3 Audio File 15.4 MB
Seven Steps to Healing and Transformation
Length: 6:45 minutes
Seven Steps to Healing and Transformatio
MP3 Audio File 7.7 MB

The Encounter with Light
Guided meditation to a higher state
Length: 5:37 minutes
The Encounter with Light.mp3
MP3 Audio File 9.9 MB
The Fluctuations of the Mind - Explanation and Exercise toward Stillness
Length: 4:13 minutes
The Fluctuations of the Mind - Lecture a
MP3 Audio File 4.8 MB

The Golden Waterfall Meditation: The Orbit
Guided meditation for higher-energy recharge
Length: 5:52
The Golden Waterfall Meditation - The Or
MP3 Audio File 6.7 MB
The Moon: A Meditative Poem
Alpha sensualization on compassionate non-attachment Length: 2:26
The Moon - A Meditative Poem.mp3
MP3 Audio File 2.8 MB

The Pyramid: A Journey to the Higher Self
Guided meditation
Length: 7:00 minutes
The Pyramid - A Journey to the Higher Se
MP3 Audio File 8.0 MB
The Rainbow: A Journey into Stillness
Guided meditation
Length: 10:31
The Rainbow - A Guided Journey into Stil
MP3 Audio File 12.0 MB

Zen Parable on Meditation
Poetic reading on the meaning of mastery
Length: 3:58 minutes
Zen Parable on Meditation.mp3
MP3 Audio File 4.6 MB

Judith Pennington

What Instrument Am I?
Guided alpha sensualization for self-discovery and insight
Length: 10:21 minutes
03 What Instrument Am I_.mp3
MP3 Audio File 11.8 MB
The Heart of Meditation
Guided journey into the heart for peace and joy in silent meditation
Length: 16:28 minutes
The Heart of Meditation.mp3
MP3 Audio File 18.8 MB